Too Many Gurus – The Confusing World Of Internet Marketing

Can you have too many Gurus? By that I mean, can you lose focus on the goal by being distracted by too much advice, influence and conflicting strategies by following the latest flavour of the month Network Marketing or Internet Marketing Guru.

Staying focused is the key for me. Whatever takes your focus away from the activities that bring you closer to your major goals is not going to help you. If a mentor is taking you from a path you have chosen to reach something important to you , then you need to think pretty hard about it.

I admit, that this has happened to me. With the constant social media advertising from internet and personal development Guru’s it is easy to get distracted from your goal and purpose.

So I consciously made a decision this last few weeks to reduce the incoming emails I receive , leave facebook groups, unsubscribe from lists and take a step back to begin simplifying my business life.

My resource recommendations have changed. My Dream Builder guide has different strategies – simplifying the way I do business but also helping to give the most basic help to my readers and team members.


I use 3 simple tools to build my business.

1. First:  This Website.

A website, especially a blog, is a good platform to build your audience and those LIKE, KNOW, TRUST relationships.
I have been blogging for a few years now and that is never likely to change.  In the early days I created blogs for my team members but now I recommend outsourcing and you can go to any list of experts who can help you with a low cost WordPress website and most hosting services offer you inexpensive solutions also.
I had a great member site created for me by a group from Just post a job and wait for the quotes to come in! My graphic designer came from there also. We now work directly after many years of partnership.
Linking your blog posts to social media definitely get you noticed.

2. Aweber Email Marketing Autoresponder

Building a list and sending emails to new subscribers is like having your very own super powers to communicate to thousands of people with the push of a button.

I have used this great mailer for more than 10 years. It has helped me build list after list. I recommend it to all of my team! If you are going to build a list then this is the tool to use.There is an affiliate programme for this software too.



3. Lead Capture Pages to Build Your List & Sell Your Products/Services

I use Lead Pages Software is the simplest and most effect funnel and capture page software on the market in my opinion. Ready made templates which can connect directly with your Aweber Autoresponder and numerous options to cut and paste to make your offer attractive and effective.and There is a great affiliate programme for this software too, so soon you can create your own dream commission for you!

CLICK HERE To test the waters with a 14 Day FREE Trial!


4. Lastly – The ACE Initiative

I joined the ACE Initiative because I found it provided THE most comprehensive training on social media that I have ever found, and offers FREE live training twice a week, every week! It is an affiliate programme too, that offers you 30% commissions on those that follow you. So for the $99 a month you get superb training, plus you only need 4 people to follow you to pay for your social media training. Plus there are huge affiliate product opportunities offered in the back of the system.

Here is what ACE say about the programme:

“The programme empowers students and clients to go from “survival mode” to “thrive mode” in every area of their lives. Our members learn the fastest, simplest way to generating life-enhancing incomes through a profitable online affiliate business of their own.
As they progress, they receive training to help them overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs and discover their true passions in life.
That’s where things get really fun…
You see, we know that success is a science. It’s a proven, duplicatable process. Travis Fox, one of our founding partners, has perfected the use of “Subconscious Autocoding™” to help people improve their lives in a variety of areas such as competitive athletics, weight-loss, addictions, phobias, sales, business and more.
He teaches clients to redefine and refine, to maximum optimisation, their automatic processes, interrupt conscious negative thoughts and arrive at a higher degree of “output performance” on command.
For the past 25 years, his methodologies were reserved for the elites: professional athletes in golf, football, competitive fighting, high-net worth individuals and top corporations.
But now you can benefit from them as well.
Our ultimate vision is to empower our program alumni to build the businesses and lives of their dreams by leveraging our expertise, resources and vast business network.
We invite you to explore how we can serve you in effecting a radical, positive change in your life today and look forward to meeting you online in our mastermind community and in person at one of our 2 or 7 day live events throughout the world.


 There are other strategies I use, for sure but these are the basic building blocks for my business – online and offline.  I use basic Facebook, Twitter and Instagram personal profiles, groups and pages to share my stuff with new audiences but the most satisfaction is that something I post on this blog is found by the search engines because people are always searching for help online.
Your key words can provide you web traffic for years and years to come and each time I check my Google Analytics and see search result visitors it gives me a bit of an upliftment.
So my friend. If you are setting off on an internet marketing career, no matter what business or niche you are in, traditional or network marketing business, I believe these couple of steps will set you on the way. If you need help with any of this, you just need to purchase from the link and I will happily set up a one page website with Lead Pages and an Aweber campaign newletter.


People often talk about “Overwhelm” in our industry and it is often cause by a lack of focus and listening and reading too much of the plethora of information that is popping up in our social media and email accounts.
Let’s face it. They are all trying to “sell” you something. They aren’t posting for the goodness of their hearts, no matter how well meaning they are.
Pick one, if you must, but be careful of the others. I chose Chris Farrell, “Mr Simplify”, because I know that he has broken down the strategies I need and provides support when I need it and the community we are involved with are super helpful.
If you choose someone different, choose wisely and stick with it and block out all the interference.
You only need to follow one Guru – hopefully you may follow my path – but to take in too much information can lead to a muddled brain and a critical blockage in your success.
For my network marketing business, I am self sufficient and can lead my team on the right path. For the internet, I freely admit, sometimes I need a little help and support. So I chose my tools, they work, and my Guru, he simplifies everything that may be confusing to me.
Now I can just focus on automating my business, doing my offline seminars and enjoying a part time network marketing business lifestyle without feeling the pressures of confusion.



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