If It’s Just About The Money Then Something Is Lost

In my opinion if it is just about the money something is lost in a Network Marketing team or organisation.

To create a truly exceptional network marketing business you need to create successful teams and to create successful teams you need to create successful relationships within your organisation.

So if it is all money, money, money, cheque waving and power strutting, it is unlikely to last unless all that success is founded upon trust and a passion for helping people – either through product or financial success.

That is what I like about Network Marketing. It isn’t just sales success, it is team success.

Call it a tribe, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family, whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one!  Business is so much harder if you try to do it on your own. Build a tribe, or a network marketing family, they work so much better than just focusing on sales!

I belong to a global training group called #RankMakers under the excellent stewardship of top Network Marketing trainer, Ray Higdon. In this group we are constantly taught about building relationships and trust but talking to people from a position of power. And we always come back to that relationship thing…. building that KNOW , LIKE, TRUST relationship so people associate with you and want to join you.

So if you are purely motivated by money, money, money you are not going to be forging relationships that will build a long term network marketing business legacy, which is the very nature of the benefits of any MLM/Network Marketing Business – Long Term residual income.

Quick wins are great for the wallet but if you get those wins on the back of spamming your way to a rank achievement or income level, it isn’t likely to last!

Think long term. Who do you know who wants to build a business for the benefit of others not just themselves. They will be your Network Marketing Eagles. There are lots of fly by nights, network marketing junkies who are looking for an easy life. Share a few automated web funnels and one click and you are a millionaire. That is never going to happen.

You need to provide value, support in however which way you can. Offer direction and experience. Sincerity plays a big part in the LIKE, KNOW, TRUST formula.

People know me for my business opportunity over a long period. People know me , maybe like me, but the people who buy from me are definitely the people who trust me. I share a big ticket opportunity where people can get $1000 commissions very quickly if they do the work, but to have big ticket faith they need big ticket trust in me to take the leap.

But the thing is, I still have friends and good relationships with many people who have NOT bought from me. Eventually they may still do, but of the 1000’s of people on my mailing list, only 100’s have bought from me. I am very happy that they stay because they feel I offer value to them in other ways.

You see, secondary income streams to me are not as significant as my primary business but they can still offer services that work for me and hopefully help my readers to succeed in whatever business they choose to do. I am just thinking that my role on this website is to provide value to network marketers of any business, hopefully they will get tips and strategies that will work for them, and perhaps, if they are looking for something that can provide a new purpose, they may join me in my primary.

I am at the stage in my life that I get joy from helping people to succeed in a  Network Marketing business not necessarily connected directly with me. I am currently directly helping people in my own organisation that are 7 to 9 levels deep. I just want to help people enjoy the same benefits from my network marketing business as I do.

So I don’t just sell my Network Marketing Business on the money and I recommend you don’t either, because in the end, if you haven’t built your organisation on the basis of developing strong business and personal relationships with your team, it ain’t going to last!

Whether you are beginning with a new network marketing business or you are a seasoned professional, I believe a “people” approach rather than a “money” approach will bring greater long term rewards in the end. Just my opinion. Happy to hear yours in the comments below.

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