Our Thailand Adventure – My WHY For 2017

When we begin our Network Marketing life, we are often asked to identify our WHY – the reason we have begun our business and what motivates us to really build for the long term. Our health or finance goals for example. Today, I would just like to share with you my why for 2017 and the culmination in achieving it. This is not to say I am special or that my WHY was in any way special, it is just to share with you that your WHY doesn’t have to be a BIG multi-million dollar ambition that looks so far away that it can cause you to give up and get depressed. It is an achievable WHY for my wife, Yada and myself. Something that fulfills personal goal for both of us, for very different reasons but a humble one that we put our heart and soul into for a full year.



I was broke and practically bankrupt before I started my current network marketing business. My property rental portfolio collapsed with the property crash and I had to sell the lot at a loss, building up debt that I never thought I could pay. I was made redundant from a senior management position on top of that so my financial position was very rocky indeed. So from having 4 properties, I ended with none and had to rent.

So one of my goals was to own a property again, not with a mortgage but to pay for it outright with cash earned from my business. I also wanted to provide Yada with a permanent home in her native Thailand after I had passed, and a holiday place for me to escape the rat race for a couple of months each year.


Yada had been a single mum for many years, having to work away from home much of the time to help her two children through University. She was a hard worker and was highly regarded as a manager in the Hotel and Resort industry. She and her children didn’t have a home of their own and lived in rented accomodation. She dreamed of building her own home on the land her father had left her. The land was in a poor condition, much of it holding water.


So we put ourselves to work. Yada with her restaurant work and myself with our Enagic Kangen Water Network Marketing Business, with Yada’s constant support of course,

We began by purchasing a little additional land adjacent to ours from one of Yada’s sisters and then invested in truck after truck – more than 300! – delivering soil to lift the height and quality of the land from it’s original boggy condition. We also had a pond dug so we could irrigate the land in the hot season whilst also holding local fish for the table when needed.

Yada’s daughter designed our home and we had that priced up and began to save the money to the level where we could appoint a builder to complete it. The design was a modern, park home design which we felt was functional and priced at a level we could attain within a few months.

Gradually money was raised over a few months and building began in August 2017 and completed in November 2017. Yada’s family began to plant our orchard with native fruit trees, the fish pond was stocked and our chickens giving us all fresh eggs every day were housed.

We have just returned from our first visit. There is such a lot to do still, but 3 weeks of sunshine and working on our land and home have filled us with optimism for our future and now we have new goals to work on for the coming years.

Blessing Of The House

Our house build has been an important event in the village and for Yada and her family, so the whole family and village pitched in to provide facilities for the local Temple Monks to come along and bless our house and provide a celebration for the village and family.

It was an amazing experience for me seeing so many people coming to cook food, erect marquees and stages over the course of a full 24 hours before the event and seeing so many people coming along to celebrate with us.

Our home now is blessed by monks from the village temple as a home of peace, health and prosperity and we have achieved a significant part of our family goals through chunking big goals into achievable objectives over time.


Chunking goals down in achievable actions and results can make things just a ittle bit easier, more believable, more achievable, I think. Daily action steps are pretty critical for us if we wish to achieve a big goal in the end. It is in our focus, determination and enthusiasm for a goal that will enable us to achieve it, but in reality it is our daily action steps that make it all come true.

This goal I shared with you today is a small part of what I intend to achieve over the coming 2 years, but it indicates though that if you break your goals down into achievable chunks then it can be all become even more realistic.

So our Thai holiday home is a part of the big picture for me. I have income goals, Network Marketing rank goal,. Spiritual goals, Charity goals.

I am there with some of it, half way there with other parts and a long way off a dream goal, but by breaking it down into achievable parts, setting myself daily action steps I can see celebrations coming every few weeks and months.

I hope my little story will inspire you in some way to make a goal and set steps to achieve it, leaving you with small celebrations along the way. It is the small celebrations that make it all worth while. Happy rewards for a job well done. Whether that is recruiting 10 in a month, achieving your next rank, achieving a monthly income figure or treating yourself to something you have always wanted – like a holiday, a car or paying off a debt etc.

Each of this should be a celebration to give us incentive to continue towards that big dream goal that keeps you in the game.

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