10 Years With Kangen – What It Means To Me

10 years with Kangen – what it means to me.

Yes. I am in my 10th year with Enagic and Kangen Water. I have used the product every day for all that time and I have promoted it consistently, making over 1000 sales within my organisation of Enagic products, supplements, water ionisers and shower systems.

The business has now given me a consistent passive income for at least 8 years of that time and with its big ticket compensation structure some months that can be quite substantial.

Why stay so long with the same company?

1. Company stability.

Over 40 years of history

Manufacturing its own products to a highest quality – medical grade in Japan where it is manufactured.

2. The product , Kangen Water (r), works to help people enjoy optimum health and it is organically shared by customers and distributors freely into their communities.

3. The compensation plan is most generous with personal sale and indirect sale commissions soon reaching the $1000 level.

4. There is a real sense of community and comradeship within the company, customers and distributor teams.

Let’s Here About The Product

Now Let’s Look At The Compensation Structure


So What Does It Take To Get Started?

The beauty of the Enagic Kangen Water business is that you just have to make a one off investment. Just buy one of the Kangen Water delivery systems, a simple home instal of a Kangen Water unit, and you have a business forever.

  1. No monthly subscriptions
  2. No volume qualifications
  3. No joining fees or annual renewals
  4. No stocks
  5. Available no credit check financing available for most countries

So for me it was a no brainer. I just had to raise the funds or take out Enagic finance and I was up and running. I have the same unit being used in my kitchen since I began in August 2011! No need for renewal. An easy to maintain unit here in my humble kitchen in West Yorkshire U.K. although I do have one in our holiday home kitchen in Thailand.

In The Beginning

I began to use the water and share it with my family. My 3 children have a unit each in their homes now also. At the time I was suffering with diverticular disease of the bowel and within 3 weeks or so the symptoms of that became manageable and eventually disappeared.

So I gained confidence to share it with my friends and community and made a couple of sales.

I also began to talk about the water and the business on social media and on my wordpress blog and shared it with my online business community.

Within 2 years I managed to gain a rank advancement to the 6a leadership position and from that point I have never looked back.

I have travelled the world and met many wonderful people.  I have witnessed many small “miracles” in peoples lives. From health benefits to financial wellbeing. I have seen lives turned round , full of optimism, enthusiasm and passion for the and sharing the business with like minded people.

I see many people in the network marketing industry give up on themselves as they get discouraged by their companies, upline or product. Shifting from one thing to another.

With Enagic, once you have got started, you will always have a medical device in your home to use forever! You just never quit in the water!

And that is the beauty of it. The water works. You buy a Kangen device and you have great tasting, healthy water in your kitchen forever whether you work the business or not!

I wouldn’t be without it.

So There Is No End With Kangen

You buy a unit, either as a customer or as a distributor and you have a Kangen machine for life. Truly it has been my best investment ever!

It has helped my health and the health of 1000’s of people through my teams efforts. It has given me a source of income for 10 years and many more years to come.

Now that income is mostly passive. My global team are make sales every month through their own passion and belief.

Whether my customers build a business or not, I know that they are drinking the best water in the world from their own kitchen appliance – a Kangen Water machine.

We are helping the planet by reducing plastic waste. We don’t need bottled water. We just load up a BPA free bottle from home for the day and we are environmentally responsible.

Is It Time You Got Started With Kangen Water?

Have you really looked at this with an open mind?

There is tons of information on my Youtube channel with demonstrations, presentations, trainings by Kangen millionaires. Such a lot of great information for you to enjoy and form your opinions.

Then if you decide you need more information then just get in touch with me and I will provide it for you. If you are in the UK then I will even arrange a Kangen Water Trial for you to actually taste this amazing water!

Whatever you decide, I just wanted to make sure you are aware of Enagic. It is truly unique and those of us who are involved with are forever grateful that we did.

Speak soon


2 thoughts on “10 Years With Kangen – What It Means To Me”

  1. I got a thrill reading this, Pete, since 10 years have gone by for me as well with Kangen water and Enagic, and what you write resonates a lot with my experience!

    I was involved part time since I started this journey of true health and went at a slower pace than yours, but it’s been just as rewarding, and looking back I can realize that sticking with Enagic all these years was one of the best choices I made from a professional point of view. Now that I have grown in level (6A2 today) I’m even more enthusiastic and determined to be inspired and inspire my team.

    Not to mention the health benefits for me and the people who brought an Enagic product into their homes through me.
    And I have my Kangen water every day to help me and my family stay healthy and wealthy.

    If you are looking for a job opportunity (or rather, an independent company, but in a supportive network) that makes you feel good physically and mentally, Enagic is the most effective and compassionate.

    1. I am enormously proud that you chose to join me in this Journey Barbara. You provide an amazing contribution to our global Kangenwell team

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