The Purpose Behind My Network Marketing Business

When I started with my network marketing business my purpose was different to what it is today. My motivation and inspiration has changed from desperation to find an income to take me out of massive debt, to one of helping the environment, improving peoples lives financially and physically and generating friendships and support networks for my global team.

I can relax a little more, knowing that all my hard work in the beginning has left me with teams across the world who are self motivated, independent thinking people who are building their teams to the same levels that I have.

That is the beauty of this industry. Those first few months of activity can set off a ripple effect around the world that has a life of its own. If your foundations are right, you have the right thought action for the people who join you and you have congruence with your company and product.

Trust and loyalty play a big part in a successful network marketing business. As you bring people into your business you need to take on responsibility for them. You need to provide the training and encouragement and in reality take them under your wing until they are independent.As my sponsor began to give me the tools to succeed, so do I endeavour to teach, motivate and encourage my teams with strategies that have worked for me.

So now my purpose has a different meaning.

I want to use my business to do good in the world!

How can I do that?

Well gone are the total motivation about money. I passed that a little while ago. I am not rich but I have enough of a monthly income to not worry an awful lot.

When I started, and that may be where you are now, I was in a heap of debt and very little hope of getting out of it. I lost a fortune in the property crisis because I went into buy to let investments at the wrong time and my rents weren’t covering my mortgages and my tenants left me heaps of repairs and none rent payments. It ended up me losing my home as well as my rental properties. My bad.

I lost my senior management position through redundancy and that left me further in debt. It was all pretty depressing and worrying that at the grand old age of 63 I had nothing. I fell into depression and anxiety because I just didn’t know how I was to provide for my family. On top of all this I suddenly became a widower and discovered that I had a cancer myself. Operable but nevertheless pretty devastating and worrying for my children. Grief and loss made life pretty horrible.

I was at the bottom of a terrible life changing cycle.

So I turned my worry into work and I vowed to #BEKIND and serve others so that I could help people who suffered as I had done. My network marketing business with Enagic had been bubbling away underneath a lot of these events and when I awoke from feeling sorry for myself, I began to find new purpose in it.

  1. My product #KangenWater offers hope of improved physical health so I knew that if I promoted it more clearly I could help other families who suffered with illness as mine had done. So I shared information about the water more enthusiastically than I had done before. I became more congruent with the water by drinking it , using it, sharing my experiences with it. I lived the purpose that my CEO Mr Hironori Ohshiro had created to bring Physical Health with Kangen Water to the world!
  2. The payment plan of Enagic is a unique direct selling model that pays really well and is constituted in such a way that those who are busy can overtake those who are not. For example, I always teach my team not to use my success as their example but someone above me, because it is within everyones reach to overtake my financial performance.  I realise that by helping people in the “business” part of Enagic then I can help people out of debt and even poverty. In fact the most successful people in my company have had similar experiences to me and now charities and community groups are benefitting from their commitment to help others. My sponsor helps with education projects in the Philippines, one person I respect builds churches for communities in his home country. There are many examples like that. So it isn’t all about personal wealth, it is what the compensation plans within our industry can do to help others, the charities and communities we care about. My goal is to be a benefactor for childrens education in Thailand, because that is where I have set up my second home.
  3. I believe that we are destroying our beautiful world with plastic waste. I know that my product reduces plastic waste because we teach people not to drink bottle water or soda drinks because their content isn’t good for the body, but the secondary benefit is that we are reducing single use plastic in the home. My product also replaces many household chemicals, so that further reduces single use plastic in the home and also removes dangerous and environmentally unfriendly household products. So I feel good that everytime one of our Kangen Water units is placed in a home, we have helped the environment.
  4. Friendships and community spirit have blossomed across our team community. Like minded people coming together for mutual benefit lifts up the spirit. We talk about peace of mind from being part of a community that is centred around those three benefits of the Enagic business. 1. Physical Health improvement from simply drinking the amazing Kangen Water. 2. Financial security, debt free and hope for a prosperous future 3, Being part of an environmental warrior community making homes safer with less single use plastic going into our oceans.

To be honest, the most important part of that whole philosophy is how I can help people progress in their personal growth. Seeing shy people becoming more confident. Watching people share their health improvement testimonies. Witnessing people enjoy improved financial health. I love seeing stress being relieved and people finding their own new life purpose though the bonding of our group and the hope being delivered.

This is what network marketing can do for all of us if we find the right sponsor, the right product and company and the right community.

The secret? Hard work!

There is no substitute for working very hard with your network marketing business, certainly in the beginning. I always advise AOMA (All Out Massive Action) in the first 3 to 6 months.  That is the key to all successful network marketers – the amount of focused action they did in the beginning.

If you drip, drip your activity then you will not get the momentum for a huge business growth and it could just die on the vine. Go for it!


as the Nike marketing suggests.

Ready, Fire , Aim.

Don’t procrastinate, just do it in all ignorance and the universe will reward you.

Where there is RISK , there is opportunity.

In reality there is NO RISK with an established company like Enagic because the risk has occured at it’s foundation.  The risk was taken by the CEO Mr Ohshiro, not we distributors. He built the factory. He built the global network of distributor centre offices. He created the unique compensation plan and He pays out into YOUR bank.

So now when I sponsor a new person into my business. It is not with a pound/dollar sign in my head. It is “what a great opportunity to help a new person to enjoy the life I lead or a different one of their own choosing”

It serves me well and I hope I serve them well too.

This is what Network Marketing has done for this old bloke. It has rescued me from a stressful corporate job. I has got me out of debt. It has given me a new life, a new motivation. I know it can do that for you also.

If you want to know more about MY Network Marketing business please contact me and I will do my best to provide you with the information you need.

If you want to continue working with YOUR business opportunity, again, if I can help please let me know.

God bless and have a wonderful week ahead


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8 thoughts on “The Purpose Behind My Network Marketing Business”

  1. 10 years ago I was introduce to thee power of Enagic deionized kangen Alki lied water imediately I had more energy my body shape is very stable I have great energy I am 64 IL work on notice for retrial 2 weeKS gone I have bEcole an Enagic independent I am proud to encourage people to drink alkaline water to improve there health les sim.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement, I would continue to inform people and let them know that my husband and I benefit a lot from drinking alkaline water. I am 60 years now but I feel great within me. I would like to build a team and earn while helping families. The only help I need is to get people to register for the machine while am trying my best to give water out to people. I am not sure what i am failing to do that I have not got many people in my team still for me to earn regular income like every other person.
    Thanks for your encouragement anyway.
    Felicia Ojo.

    1. Simple daily actions will help you , Felicia. Share your water with family and friends. Invite people to your home for a demonstration, use Juan to help you with that. Do not stop and eventually you will find someone is inspired by your commitment
      My best wishes for your continued succcess

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