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Your Global Business is only as Good as the Tools You use.

I frequently get asked what are the most Trusted Tools I use on a daily basis to have been able to build a Six-Figure ‘Direct Sales’ Business that spans the Globe in just a few years.

It really is not a big secret.

If you’ve stumbled upon me on the internet, and have read any of my content or seen any of my posts and they led you back to this website, you’ll realize I use a handful of Tried and True Marketing Tools that help me build my business around the clock, even if I’m enjoying a game of Football on TV or if I’m out for a game of golf.

Because of the tools I use, I am able to continue collecting email addresses from people who are interested in joining my Business, even if I’m driving to London to Glasgow for a Seminar or business presentation.

And as I’ve mentioned before, if you copy exactly what I’ve done, in the way of my online marketing setup, you’ll soon find yourself generating lots of leads and interested prospects who are just a step away from handing you their payment to join your business with you and it’s because of the work I’ve already done ahead of time.

(Oh and You’ll be able to make some extra money in the form of multiple streams of income too, if you do exactly as I show you!)

None of this would be possible without a few essential tools.

Now one quick disclaimer: I only recommend tools I use myself so you can rest assured that all tools listed on this page come highly recommended.

Must Have Home Business Tools & Training

Our Social Media Guide

Of Course I am going to recommend that you download a FREE Copy of my Social Media Guide‘ where I go into more details about how you can build scores of leads to your business for FREE using FACEBOOK. I built a Global Business in just a few years, built our holiday home in Thailand using these tools and others that will come soon.

I go into greater details on how you can copy exactly what I’ve done.


Aweber Email Marketing Autoresponder

Building a list and sending emails to new subscribers is like having your very own super powers to communicate to thousands of people with the push of a button.

I have used this great mailer for more than 10 years. It has helped me build list after list. I recommend it to all of my team! If you are going to build a list then this is the tool to use.There is an affiliate programme for this software too.


Lead Capture Pages to Build Your List & Sell Your Products/Services

I use Lead Pages Software is the simplest and most effect funnel and capture page software on the market in my opinion.

Ready made templates which can connect directly with your Aweber Autoresponder and numerous options to cut and paste to make your offer attractive and effective.and  There is a great affiliate programme for this software too, so soon you can create your own dream commission for you!

CLICK HERE To test the waters with a 14 Day FREE Trial!

Recommended Social Media and Internet Marketing  Coaching Programme

If you are seeking to turn your computer activity and social media activity into a secondary or primary income, then I recommend My Lead System Pro  . This is a programme I am personally benefitting from and I would suggest there is no better place to start to begin your independent, remote marketing business.



MY LEAD SYSTEM PRO is my chosen social media and lead generation programme for my primary business. I would recommend you take a peak and at least complete the 10 Getting Started Steps because this one simple action programme will help you build a great social media profile and contact list!

MLSP is something I come back to time and time again. A great place to learn how to be a Network Marketing leader and a starting place for many 6 and 7 figure earners, including myself.