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Funnels and stuff… it is a complicated world, right? Can be expensive and pretty confusing so I keep it simple stupid.

I was using clickfunnels but it just overwhelmed me and then my mentor, someone I had trusted for many years with my social media knowledge introduced me to LEADPAGES.NET  

It just made things so much simpler for me. Much easier to use and not as expensive. So I converted to Leadpages  and now my funnels on this page from my Working Together, UK Kangen Water Seminars and my Rocket Fuel Your Finances page are all built with Simple to use and reliable.

What are the advantages of Funnels?

Quite simply they act as a funnel into your offer. A capture page to attract attention to an offer,  and then collect contact details for your follow up.

I have heard for many years that “the money is in the list” and from my recent mentor, Grant Cardone, “money follows attraction” . So having a simple, single page funnel website to your offer is vital for your business. Funnel your contacts into your database.

No contact is ever wasted. If they do not buy from you now, they could do later down the line if you maintain a connection and your offer remains attractive.

Funnels for network marketers offer you individuality

Break out from the pack! Show your individuality as a network marketer by placing a funnel capture page linked to your own internet marketing autoresponder. You list becomes your list forever, whether you stay with your MLM business or move to another.

Marketing yourself is key in our industry nowadays. From social media to a web presence and you need to maximise your opportunity. Why should people join YOU instead of all the other marketers in your business opportunity, MLM or Affiliate Marketing product? Give them a reason to LIKE you! Remember, LIKE , KNOW , TRUST! Making individualised internet marketing funnels is key for your progress!

That is why I have always used my Aweber account to link with my websites.
AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

I has given me a list over 15 years that has built to 1000’s of marketers . Some of them have taken years to decide but I am always here to help them if they need me and slowly but surely they can be persuaded to give my offers a go.

Some people have joined my primary network marketing business after many years. They just weren’t ready at the time I made them aware the first time. They probably wanted to see how I did before they made their own move.

So having that constant connection can pay off big time in the end.

Whichever FUNNEL creation programme you use, I would definitely recommend you begin to explore them for your business or businesses.

Let me know if you need any help with it.


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