Multiple Streams Of Income For The Network Marketer

Multiple Streams of Income For the Network Marketer

Multiple Network Marketing Opportunities

This subject is often debated and Network Marketers often confuse this phrase with multiple Network Marketing opportunities. In my view, if you are promoting more than one network marketing opportunity your are running the risk of lacking credibility. The reality is most network marketing companies promote themselves as the final destination for anyone wishing to achieve financial freedom – and in most cases that can be true. So if you are promoting more than one, you are just saying you didn’t make it in the first one, so you are now promoting another. People in your first opportunity are going to say, “hey, you sold me on this one and now you are shifting focus to another. So your promises didn’t turn to reality, so why should I believe you again?”

Now I am not saying never. I would be foolish to say never will I promote another network marketing opportunity but it is a challenge to convince people that promoting multiple network marketing companies is ethical. So you need good reason to do so.

However, that is not to say I would never be a customer of another network marketing company. Often their products are amazing and work really well, especially products in the health and wellness industry. For example my product, Kangen Water works well to supplement and enhance health and wellness products. So many distributors in other companies buy my product for their health,  but do not promote it as an MLM opportunity.

Affiliate Programmes

Now this, in my humble opinion, is a totally different niche. There are lots of affiliate programmes that could be useful to a network marketer in building lists, promoting personal development and skill building programmes and tools that can help people to succeed online.

For Instance I use this Affiliate Programme to help my team to progress their business using the Internet:


Your favourite network marketing mentor or personal development guru may have an affiliate programme. When recommending them, why not get a little commission from it? Even if they do not have an affiliate programme you can register as an Amazon affiliate and promote your guru’s books and DVD courses from your Amazon affiliate link.

What Affiliate Programmes Are You Using?

So, if you are promoting affiliate programmes that can help network marketers build their business (none MLM please) why not add them to the comments below. That way you can enjoy some authority to your affiliate link. I will check each one out and only approve NONE MLM programmes and will not put at risk my readership on anything I consider dodgy.

Good luck with your multiple streams of income programme.

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