Multiple Streams Of Income? Are You Invested?

Multiple streams of income? Are you invested in different streams of income or long term financial growth strategies?

Since the beginning of my marketing , whether part time or fulltime as I am now, I have always had a few different income streams.

From the tools and resources I recommend to my readers, to my primary network marketing business, to my day time job and now pensions. It just makes sense to have some strategies that offer income or investment growth while you maybe focus on your primary business.

Right now my primary revenue income comes from my Enagic business  and that is support by my pensions – lucky me. Come on, I’ve lived and worked pretty hard for those! So I am pretty comfortable without too much work. I worked for both of those pretty hard in my past, I can tell you.

For Enagic now I am beginning an offline seminar presentation programme in the UK if you would like to come and meet up – they are FREE and you will definitely get a flavour of what I do to build my network marketing business offline as well as an idea of how we work online too.

Anyway. What else do I do?

Well, I have affiliate interests in Lead Pages and Aweber  and I hold some cryptocurrency which has a low key referral programme.

And in the past I have referred people into online training programmes which has helped my readers with their social media marketing but also given me a little bit of side income to my primary.

I am always open to other things but tend to stay away from MLM or Network Marketing businesses that could take my attention away from my primary or show my team members that I don’t believe in the legacy nature of Enagic. Because that is my long term, legacy business that I will leave to my wife and family when I am gone. It is truly a long term, generational business with a quality product that offers us residual income.

Having a multiple stream of income strategy doesn’t mean one thing has to compete with another, if you plan your portfolio correctly.

For Crypto I am holding something that could make me a millionaire within a few months or it may never happen – I can share that with you if you are interested (not an affiliate just contact me directly) – but I don’t depend on it and I am pretty comfortable that I lose or gain a few dollars. Every business or investment has risk, right?

The main thing is for me, I have a few irons in the fire and some will work and some won’t but my primary business WILL and DOES work if I put the work in. I don’t depend upon anyone else. It is NOT speculation. It is assured if I maintain my activity and focus.

Everything else is a bonus side line which I can benefit from without too much effort apart from an initial investment and a little patience.

However, if you are into trading in financial, stock or crypto currency markets, then indeed you need to have your wits about you and keep your eye on the prize minute by minute. So be careful out there!

That isn’t for me. Far too much time required and I enjoy my golf and travel!

What I do not recommend is to have multiple MLM businesses. I just feel that to do that you are going to confuse your followers and team members. Most definitely not more than one in one particular niche. Most popular are health niche products. It would be best to focus on one product in that niche only. I know there are multiple solutions to health issues but MLM requires focus and team leadership. Just pick one and really go for it…. 10 x as Gant Cardone would say.

I am pretty open on this website where my focus is on my income streams. There are pages in here that lead you to them.

If you want to get into an ethical high ticket affiliate programme – give me a shout or GO HERE

or if you would like to see how you can invest a small amount in the CRYPTO space for investment purposes – then CLICK HERE


Whatever you do, make sure you weigh up the risks and then GO FOR IT! If not 10 x at least 5 x.

Having those side hustle safety nets can definitely give you some assurance later on , as I discovered when I suffered redundancy and property loss due to the property crash at the same time!!

Thank God I had my Enagic business that has underpinned my financial recovery for 10 years!!

Enjoy a great day today and good luck with your business and investment choices. I wish you all the best for a very successful future.


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