Being Open To New Ideas

Being open to new ideas is the way to grow in my opinion. In my case, it is in the times that I close off to others ideas on marketing, sales or training, are the times that my business pauses or goes into a dip.

This week I have been awakened through a new mentor and training course that perhaps I would have benefitted from a while ago. They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

This was true for me 10 years ago when my Enagic sponsor encouraged me to join him in our Kangen Water adventure. He appeared in my life at just the right time. I was desperate financially and not in a good place health wise.

Our business changed all that.

Now I have just begun a new journey with a mentor who knows more about marketing in his little finger than I have ever learned before.

I was ready!

More about that at a later date.

New Opportunities

One of the things I have been closed to are the endless pitches I receive on new network marketing opportunities. I have never bought into the multiple streams of network marketing income. Other streams of income, yes, but mixing MLM opportunities just screams to me that initial promises didn’t work so let’s try another one!

I especially find it amusing that members of my own organisation, who haven’t applied the training and strategies within it, pitch me for a new MLM opportunity when they have clearly not succeeded in anything before or likely never will because they do not apply themselves or think long term.

Multiple streams of income is good in my view. Add an affiliate programme or two, especially training programmes that help with marketing your current MLM.  Invest in whatever you want, property, stocks and financial markets etc. Be open to those.

So, I am open, but it will take something very appealing, something I can be passionate about, something I can find integrity with, something that I can confidently share with my best friends without feeling a twinge of doubt!

What Does It Take To Succeed In Network Marketing?

The clue is in the name.

1. We need to Network. We need to seek out other like minded souls who want to build an entrepreneurial business.

2. We need to Market. However you prefer to do that there are multiple ways of learning how to Market your business.

Being open to change in the way you approach these two things will help you grow your network marketing business on a daily basis.

A couple of my mentors shared similar wisdom when I asked for their success secrets in our industry.

1. My direct sponsor told me there were 3 things I had to do to succeed. 1. Talk to people. 2. Talk to people. 3. Talk to people

2. His sponsor asked me: ” How many strangers do you know?” We were in London where 8 million people live! There were 8 million strangers.

He also told me to seek resellers. There is faster growth when you seek out people who want to get rich through marketing your product! Much slower if you are going to sell one product at a time.

Grant Cardone says: CONTACTS = CONTRACTS! In other words if you don’t build your list you will never sell a product, opportunity or deal of any kind. Building your contact list is THE most vital thing for any business owner.

It is all about LEADS, LEADS, LEADS!!!

On top of that, you need to build relationships.


I have opened myself up to new marketing strategies and training

I have filled up the last few days with new training. Challenged myself to embracing new strategies. New work ethic. New approaches. I am being open to doing things I feel uncomfortable with.

This has forced me to get uncomfortable in many ways but particularly in making NEW TARGETS. Uncomfortable and very challenging targets.

And as I come out of the other side of all this, I will be sharing it with you. Ways in which YOU can succeed in our industry, the network marketing industry.

How we can help our customers through our products. Help our team members grow. Serve them all and reap the rewards!

Do Something Different

Many years ago, when I was in the corporate world of management, I was given the task of turning round a failing business.

It was a really different culture to what I was used to. The staff were rough shodding over the management and there was very little focus and discipline.

At the time our management organisation was being trained by some management consultants. You know the thing. Balanced score cards, quality management. All that kind of stuff.

Anyway, I took the lead consultant to one side and asked him what would he do in my situation going into the workplace warzone!

He said: “Whatever you do, you must be seen to do something different on the first day. No matter how small or innocuous ”

And I did. It unsettled confidence in the rebels and brought in those who really wanted to do a good job.

Wherever I went, and I was an interim management consultant for a few years, when I initially went in the work place I changed something immediately. It got peoples attention and identified to me the people who wanted to do the work to the highest level.

I just found, not accepting the status quo was the best approach if you wanted to change things for the better and the sooner you do it the sooner you build a team of positive people around you.

So My Tip Today is:


Hope there is something in this post that will help you today

Pete Chapman

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