Why Did I Choose Enagic As My Primary Business?

Why did I choose Enagic as my primary business?

I was in a difficult position financially when my friend, Raymond Sun introduced me to Enagic® . My choice was primarily because of my trust in him. He was an honourable man, a successful network marketer and I knew he wanted that he would help me succeed as he had done before.

I was nearly 64 and in a bad financial position having lost my whole property portfolio due the the crash of 2008 and was newly redundant with a limited pay off. My situation felt pretty hopeless and raising the funds to begin with Enagic was pretty challenging but I knew that this really was the opportunity of a lifetime. My bridges had been burned. I had nowhere else to go.  I said, enough is enough! This is it!

I was convinced that our company, founded in 1974 by Hironari Ohshiro had a track record that was safe for me to spend the long term in. It was expanding from its factory base in Osaka , Japan and it’s headquarters in Okinawa with offices opening across the world. enough .  Now, in North America alone, there are offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago,Dallas, Orlando, Seattle and Honolulu. Worldwide, there are branches in Nuevo Leon Mexico, Düsseldorf Germany, Italy, France, Australia, Vancouver BC, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Dubai, India and Japan! With new offices planned in many other countries across the world!

I had been let down a number of times before by companies that did not last despite my personal success. Now I was not speculating, I had a REAL business.

So now I turned to the product. Kangen Water Ionisers and discovered that they were the best of their kind in the world! Registered as Medical devices. They provide a physical health improvement protocol forever with Kangen Water for a one off cost. Plus they give you unlimited FREE samples to expand your business from your kitchen!

They were indeed the Gold Standard!

So it was a strong company, a manufacturer, had a long history and an expansive policy, so what was the cost of entering into the programme?

The beauty of it in my view is there is just a one off payment to get involved and the company, in most countries have no credit check finance to get started. You simply purchase a world class ioniser for your health and you have a global business and spreading the payments over a couple of years.

  • So no autoship payments!! No constant pressure to upgrade to new products etc
  • No monthly targets – once qualified always qualified
  • No membership fees
  • International Sponsoring

For example, well known MLM programmes ask for upwards of $500 entry and $200 a month autoship to claim the volume needed to get maximum commissions. If you work that out over 2 years equals around $5000 and you have to continue that at $2400 a year to keep qualified on commissions! You can buy any Kangen Water Ioniser from Enagic at less than the cost of a 2 year programme within normal MLM.

That kind of worked for me!

Then I looked at the Compensation plan

Wow!! It was a no brainer from that point. I could earn up to $1000 a sale! Raymond told me he was looking at helping me create a high 6 figure a year income with Enagic. After reading and watching the compensation plan videos I was convinced that was possible and it has turned out just like that for me and 1000’s of others!

And it is this lucrative earning potential available for Enagic® distributors that has ensured the global expansion of the company. Instead of selling these amazing medical devices! The company decided to market them through independent, self employed agents rather than paying the traditional costs of transport, distributorship, wholesale and retail companies. AND IT WORKED!

Right now, the company is selling over 30,000 units every month and it is just the beginning.

So this DIRECT SALES PROGRAM, means we have completely eliminated the middle man and 100% of the commission gets paid directly to our independent agents.


There are Enagic millionaires from a beginning in America in 2006 from their Japan base there are many people flying around the world in business class, high ticket earners who have taken their experience in MLM into this amazing company.

For me, it gives me a full time income and has enabled me to travel the world. I have teams in 20 countries around the world and have travelled across the world presenting seminars to support them. I have presented seminars in America, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Italy as well as across the United Kingdom, my home country.

I have visited our factory in Osaka, Japan and headquarters in Okinawa twice and thoroughly enjoyed the company of lots of successful Enagic distributors from around the world.

Enagic has enabled me to make valued friends around the world. It has built me a holiday home in Thailand with lots of land so we can go self sufficient for fruit, vegetables, fish and eggs.

Kangen Water has helped my health , From suffering from acute diverticular disease, I now do not suffer. After losing a kidney through cancer and the remaining kidney having chronic kidney disease, my 70 year old remaining kidney is now healthy and doing the job of two!

From a desperate financial position, Enagic has helped me totally turn my finances round. Now I can enjoy my life without financial worry. Something that seemed a world away for me 6 years ago. Now at 73, at last I can live worry free with just a few group sales a month from over 1000 distributors around the world!

We say, Change Your Water, Change Your Life.  That is certainly the case for me. It is my best advice that you check out Enagic and perhaps join our global team. It would be great to work with you

If you would like to know more about joining our Global KangenWell team, please reach out by messenger or Email. If you would be great to have you on board!

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4 thoughts on “Why Did I Choose Enagic As My Primary Business?”

  1. I willing to join your team sir Pete, but my only problem is the capital to buy one(1) unit, but if you can provide me one unit as my demo unit and payable under commission deductions or i can pay it not more than P2,000.00 per month. I need the machine so that i can use it as demo machine for our prospects. Thus by giving them 5 liters for them to drink and feel the results.
    Hoping you can help me .
    Thank you so much for constant invitation to business with Kangen.
    God Bless!
    your friend;

    Bert Boiser

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