Network Marketers, Product or Opportunity – What Do You Lead With?

Network Marketers, Product or Opportunity – What Do You Lead With?

When I started network marketing it was because I needed a secondary income, so the search was for a product that I would be happy to endorse and share. So, quite frankly, I needed the money but I wasn’t willing to do just any old thing, I needed to be congruent with my integrity.

The decisions were how to market my new business. Do I lead with the product or do I talk about building a secondary or new primary income?

The 2 Ways of Deciding To Join A Network Marketing Company

  1. You trial the product and you get results so you passionately share your experiences and other people decide to try – you are a retailer to begin with and eventually your team grows as you get deeper into how the network marketing industry works
  2. You find a company that you are happy to share but your primary purpose is to make additional money to help improve your lifestyle, remove debt and financial stress etc

Nowadays, network marketing social media coaches are encouraging people NOT to share their Network Marketing business, product etc in public on facebook but to do it privately in messenger and introduce people to your product or business on a one to one basis. There thinking is that people just Google and get negative information if you show and tell up front.

To be honest, if you check out my social media profile it is pretty obvious what my primary network marketing business is, so if I decided to change now it would be pretty pointless to be honest. But in all seriousness, I am very proud of my product and business. I have helped 100’s of people around the world into better financial and physical health with my product and network marketing business.

So What Do I Lead With – Product or Opportunity?

In essence the network marketing industry is about the opportunity. So I lead with the opportunity through this website and on other websites I lead with the product. The vast majority of my personal referrals have come into my team because they wanted to build a secondary or primary income. In the beginning it was an investment decision and most of the discussion about the product and company was whether it was a good investment choice: was the company stable and was the product of a high standard and what support would they get if they made the leap?

When I started to invite people to make an investment in my network marketing  business and joining my direct team, I shared a video that would last nearly 2 hours! It worked for many people but it was really too long to be asking people to take time out of busy schedules to view.

What you need is a short 10 minute video that will work for busy people. Whatever you are leading with, product or business, you need a short introductory video to capture peoples attention so that you can arrange a follow up fairly quickly after viewing.

Here are mine:


Business Model

So now I have something that I can use in a messenger strategy of engaging with people I think would be either interested in my product or business, or both.

Most MLM companies offer compensation plan and product videos for you to share. This is a way of showing your prospects the income potential for their investment and the special value and uniqueness of your network marketing product.

Now, my 2 hour video worked for me in the beginning because most of my “list” were network marketing enthusiasts and most of them knew me and had formed a LIKE KNOW TRUST relationship with me over many years, but nowadays, it would be foolish to run with a 2 hour video as an introduction.

It will work after warm up and follow up but not as an introduction.

Whilst I have said I lead with the opportunity mainly, how I do that is always going to depend upon who I am planning to speak to.

I always mention and share my product, KANGEN WATER, to introduce them to the unique concept, but I NEVER fail to mention the business.

The truth is, I know that recruiting 1 person who finds a passion in the business, is better for my families future than 20 people buying my product.

Why? Because the legacy business model is better served by long term business partners than one off sales. One business builder can result in 1000’s of sales over time. I treasure them.

A Method

One way to do this is to use whatsapp, facebook messenger etc to ask someone you have built that LIKE, KNOW, TRUST relationship with if they are open to look at something that they could do part time without effecting what they are currently doing. If they are, then you can ask them if they are willing to spend a few minutes looking at a short video. If they agree then share the video and agree a time to follow up. Which video you use, well that is your choice. Choose what you are passionate about. What you know most about.

Remember, spamming people with links without introduction is a no no! You need to build up a relationship before you ASK if you can share something. That is the essence of communication. Asking for permission. Asking if people are ready to listen. Do they have time? Are they open to hear something?

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