Approaches To Get Your Network Marketing Opportunity Seen

Approaches To Get Your Network Marketing Opportunity Seen

Do you want more people to see your network marketing company presentation?
Getting more peope to see your network marketing opportunity or product helps you get more sales so naturally you want to maximise your output and results for this to go to the next rank in your business.

You Are A Marketer Not A Salesperson

The first thing is to recognise that we are not sales people. Network marketers shouldn’t be pressure sellers.

Marketers generate leads, generate interest. The closing of the deal depends on the execution of the marketing. If your marketing is good then closing of the sale is easier.

You get a reputation for being a bit of a pain in the neck if you are constantly trying to close people like a double glazing salesman. But you want people to buy alright so how can you do that?

Your job is to find out who is open to see your business opportunity or product presentation. You don’t want people you don’t like in your business, aggressive, nasty folk, you want people in your business that you can develop rapport with, people who you can nuture into good team players and successful network marketing leaders.

First Of All – Find Out Who Is Willing To Look

Your mission when you’re interacting and prospecting is not to get every single individual on the planet to watch your video or to close every person on the planet. It’s to see who’s open to looking.

Not everyone is open right now but you don’t want to ruin a future opportunity by being negative we just need to be polite and accept that not everyone is open to your opportunity or wishes to investigate your product.

Many people are fixed in their negative opinion of network marketing – they think of pyramid schemes, direct selling door knocking botherers, and scams – trying to convert people in going the other way is a waste of energy.

So if you get a negative response from people who are not open to your offer just say, “OK that is fine. Sorry to bother you. If you know anyone else who could benefit from our (amazing product) or is looking for some extra money part time, please let me know. Thanks for your time. I need to go to another appointment” Or words of a similar nature.

Your activity goals should be all about reaching out  to find people who are willing to listen, not spending hours trying to convert people to your point of view.

You are simply looking for people to check out your presentation, whether that is a video or a chance to do a product or business presentation for them.

So, as the great Jim Rohn says, it is all about ratios. You can control how many people you speak to but you cannot control the response. You start speaking to 10 people to get just 1 to check out your presentation and eventually things will get better the more practice you get.


Be In A Positive State

Your posture is very important. If you are phoning, stand up, stick your chest out and be proud of what you are sharing.

Start from a confident state. Do not beg, ever. By that  I mean, if you are passionate about your product – Be Congruent With Your Product –  help people with the benefits of your product and company.

I love the Dalai Lama. In my opinion he shares a great deal of  wisdom and I love this quote on having a positive mind set.

When you have a positive mind, a positive state, it rubs off on other people. If you are confident in what you are doing, people will recognise it. They are more likely to buy off a confident, likable person rather than a brash, in your face salesman, don’t you think?

You’re not here to convince anyone, you are just aiming for people to see your presentation and then they can make a decision from that. Let’s face it. Your company are professionals with years of experience in this stuff. They will have put something together that is really convincing. So your job is just to get people to see it for themselves.

So don’t get all sweated up defending the network marketing industry. Just find out if they are open to at least look.

Again, if they say no or offer a negative opinion just say:  “OK, no problem. Perhaps you might know someone that would like to make some extra money. If you do,  let me know but it isn’t a big deal.”

Top Network Marketing trainer of, Ray Higdon of Rank Makers, says it like this:”I don’t dance for them. I don’t try to convince them.”

I like that. No desperation. Don’t beg. Don’t dance for them. Don’t try to convince anyone.

Your job is just to get as many people who are open to view your video or presentation. You are not desperate. You are in a position of power!

You are not attached to the outcome. You are just sifting for people with an open mind. You don’t even want those negative thinkers or aggressive opinionated folk, they probably wouldn’t do anything in the business anyway.

That comes across very powerful. So, your mission is not get every person on the video, not close every single person, but see who is open.

So if they say they are open to your video presentation you say,

“OK that’s great. When can you watch the video?” and then agree a time to follow up.

You follow up with , “What did you like about the video?” and then take conversation to a positive conclusion, whether they say yeah or nay.

My Experience

I had to pause writing this post for about 20 minutes as I had a long time internet friend ask if I had time for a chat. I said,  “of course”. He called me on Skype and he said he was interested in my product. He had seen my presentation 6 years ago but it wasn’t right for him then, but now his family circumstances had changed and he felt the product was the right thing for him and his family.

Interestingly he had been spoken to about my product by other marketers but he remembered that I was the first person to speak to him about it, we had a rapport all those years ago even though he said no, and he connected with me because of that.

So that #BeKind formula works. Don’t fall out with people. Build a rapport and be a person more people like than don’t. It pays off in the end.

Like the great Zig Ziglar states, “If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you they will do business with you.

I have many experiences like that – people joining me years after I had originally approached them. It is because I don’t give up on the connection. I don’t pester people. If I get a no, I don’t get addicted to the outcome, I try to leave on good terms and maintain friendships as best I can.

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