5 Tips On Building An Independent Network Marketing Team

I decided to share these 5 Tips On Building An Independent Network Marketing Team because I want you to know how I and others have built successful teams by thinking about the long term goals from the beginning.

What does it take to build a high performing network marketing team? Today I share a few tips that I think will help you as you build your network marketing business long term.

1. Not Everyone Is The Same

One of the mistakes I have made is presume everyone in my organisation is as ambitious as me. I was happy to learn that everyone is not the same from a training session with Ray Higdon in his RankMaker group (highly recommended and I am not an affiliate)

Only 15% of any network marketing team have an ambition to earn more than $2k a month! The rest are just customers/product based members. For me, I am in the ambitious 5% range of people who aspire to earn $25k a month plus! So always understand that you need to treat everyone differently and not assume everyone is going to be motivated by the big incomes network marketing leaders most often lead with in their marketing and trainings. So establish why the joined and then you can organise your trainings and support network around their ambition and goals rather than expecting people to be the same as you.

2. Be An Encourager – Not A Discourager

If you are a pushy so and so who just calls people to say “How many sales have you made today?”  “You are not working hard enough to be a winner” etc, you are just tailoring their needs with yours. You are just a desperate boss needing sales for YOUR ambitions not a Servant Leader who wants people to succeed according to THEIR ambitions.

I try to establish who wants to achieve rank upgrades or income targets and tailor my conversation around that rather than try to get people to do stuff to benefit me, either my rank or income.

I would rather PULL people, encourage them, rather than bully people into doing stuff they don’t really want to do.

To be honest, it took me a while to realise some of these PULL principles. I needed to identify between customers and business motivated team mates. Once I got that, my business began to work much better.

So finding out peoples WHY at the beginning is not just encouraging them to develop THEIR dreams, it is a way of ensuring you can PULL them towards THEIR dreams by being the Servant Leader they need to achieve them.

I know lots of people dream of big flashy cars and mansions but in the main, most people are not like that at all. A lot of my team are simply motivated to get some reps to pay for their product or earn enough money to get out of debt etc. That is a big dream for many, many people. Not to be in debt and have a little more money left over each month rather than just building their overdraft.

3. Recognise Achievement and Effort

I know this to be important to me. When we do something good, it is nice to get a compliment or an award isn’t it? With some organisations, it takes a long time to get recognised on the stage of a company event. So it falls upon the distributor leadership to step in and recognise achievement in their group. Encouragement, encouragement, encouragement. Just a good word for someone in public can lift spirits. Recognise effort as well as achievement.

There is an ultra successful person in my organisation who is a team leader over a whole country, yet he never made a single sale in his first year! He was persistent and never gave up. If his effort was not recognised he would have simply given up! Who do you know like that? Always be the encourager and recognise effort as well as achievement.

That phrase Servant Leader, means that you are in service to your team. Be a servant leader who recognises achievement and effort with each member of your team. If they stop doing the business, don’t let it be because you weren’t there for them or didn’t encourage them.

3. Be An Inspiration

One of THE most touching comments about me was from one of my team leaders, Pam Sewell. When I asked my team for some testimonies for a new Seminar Funnel I was producing to support my UK based team, she wrote:

“A Mentor who actually walks the walk. I would like to share how important it is to have a mentor – someone who has actually walked the walk……. this gives you confidence and strengthens your own resolve that your goal is achievable…….. when I was uncertain about myself….. Peter encouraged me to lead….”


To be an inspiration you just need to prove that your business opportunity works by achieving within it. I don’t like cheque waving and my company bans it, but you can achieve promotions and rank advancements in your organisation and then people can see that if you can do it then it is achievable for them also.

Also, if you are asking your team to do stuff, then you do it too! Don’t set goals that you aren’t willing to go for. Don’t ask your team to do activities that you aren’t willing to take on yourself.

To be successful as a Network Marketer achiever you need to be a Leader, not a Manager. People who aspire to succeed in the Network Marketing industry aspire to leave behind being told what to do by bossy managers. They are looking for inspirational leadership. Pulling them towards something by example and Inspired leadership not pushed toward something by bullying management!

4. Think Long Term

Success in the network marketing industry is not about a quick return. That residual income retirement comes from long term commitment and resiliance not a short term whiz bang effort. So this team building thing needs to be thought through at the beginning. What are you going to offer your future team? How are you going to keep everyone connected. What training materials can they access?

“Remember to dream big, think long-term, underacheive on a daily basis” Robert Kiyosaki

If you prepare yourself to be a leader then when the time comes, you are ready. I remember Tony Robbins saying to us that we need to mirror ourselves on the best if we are to be achievers in any industry. So who are the Network Marketing leaders you admire? Who are the business leaders you admire?

My sponsor was an inspiration to me. He was far away from me in the UK, he lives in Singapore. He taught me about honour and integrity in Network Marketing. He taught me all about serving others. Leading not managing. I visited him once a year or so for training and inspiration and we used Skype a lot. He helped my team members from South East Asia directly and he even helped me with sales in the beginning. His name is Raymond Sun. Unfortunately due to a horrific accident, Raymond is no longer able to help me, but through his inspired leadership I am now able to help him and his family by continuing to build my business and thereby helping his residual income and providing for his family.

So now, I look elsewhere for my mentors and you can see some examples of who has helped me in this post SEEKING A MENTOR TO HELP YOUR BUSINESS

5 . Teach a Man To Fish

I am sure you have heard the saying: “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish he’ll eat for life.”  Well in a team building context I recommend you teach your leaders to teach. Teach your team to present their own events. Teach them to do their presentations. Teach them to be independent.

When you have independent distributors and leaders in your organisation, your residual income is assured and so is theirs. Because as you have taught, so will they.

For internet network marketers it is the same. You teach them to build their own facebook pages, their own funnels, websites etc. How to do a webinar. How to create a video for youtube etc.

Teach people to be independent. As Ray Higdon says: Teach and you go to the Beach! Or in my case, my house and plantation in Thailand.

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