Seeking A Mentor To Help You In Business

Are you seeking mentor to help you in business? Who is the one person who inspires you most to get your lead out and achieve your potential?

I have had many – most of them not directly in my business.

1. My Upline Sponsor

My network marketing business inspiration was my friend Raymond Sun, who was first my downline and then my upline in my current business. He is a true leader with a definite moral compass. He taught me how to be a servant leader and that integrity in network marketing is paramount if we are to succeed. He introduced me to You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor and that began my real journey to believing that I can succeed in my business. I offer that as an Ebook to all of my team because I know it works in changing our mindset.

Do you have an upline sponsor who inspires you and helps you go forward in your business. Not to worry if you don’t, because there are plenty of mentors around that will inspire you and give you the tools to succeed in any Network Marketing Business . In my own humble way that is what I am hoping to do for you with my guide and newsletter but let me  share some of my mentors who are not attached to my Network Marketing Business.

BTW. Are you a good sponsor? I wrote about what you should be looking for here:

2. Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy has been around forever! I first bought his training programmes on Cassette tape! The Luck Factor  the first of Brian’s programmes I bought. It is probably a little dated now but Brian continues to offer excellent help in building a business, traditional or network marketing. You can check out Brian here: Just recently on my trip to Japan for my company convention I managed to find a Brian Tracy course on the plane entertainment system. In fact I used the notes I took on a recent blog post.

You won’t go far wrong if you follow Brian Tracey.

3. Tony Robbins

I was a Firewalker with Tony in April 2001. Within a couple of days attending his Unleash The Power Within event I had put my employer on notice and went full time as a consultant in the September! It was THE most powerful experience of my life and for a few weeks my staff thought I had gone loopy!

UPW is an intense, life changing experience for most people who attend. From diet to decision making, from taking action to ditching our limiting beliefs, it is THE event to attend at least once in your life, whatever your age. I was 55 I think and I became a 25 year old over night!

So much did I think this event changed me , I ensured all my children attended. You can find out more about Tony Robbins on his website here: but if you want a fast start to your business and huge beneficial changes in your life, then I definitely recommend you search out and attend his introductory event Unleash The Power Within .

Let me know when you become a FIREWALKER!


I was never blessed to have met Jim or attended his events but he still has the best content on youtube on how to succeed in this business. He inspired many of the network marketing leaders of today and his wisdom is such that even people outside network marketing have followed his advice and quote him in their trainings and speeches. My best recommendation is to listen and take notes from his HOW TO SUCCEED IN YOUR NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS It is inspiring and provides all the skill sets you need to succeed with any Network Marketing Business.


Eric has provided a training platform for Network Marketing Professionals with his website, book etc but what got me going was just one video that one of my upline shared with me on momentum.I would recommend everyone in my team to view this one video for around 45 minutes with a notepad and pen and see how putting this one practice into action will effect their rank and income. It is a truth. Every millionaire in my business opportunity did this one thing and the rest of their career was founded upon it. HOW TO RECRUIT 20 PEOPLE IN 30 DAYS


I am admitting to a failure here. I wished I had met Ray a zillion years ago – ok at least at the start of my network marketing career. He is by far the best network marketing trainer I have ever found. Huge knowledge backed by a millionaire achievement within a network marketing team. I am a bit of a Ray Higdon junkie. I watch his videos daily within his special RANK MAKERS Facebook Group and have asked every single one of my team to join that group. Why? I know that if I get a 100 of my team in that group my team will grow 10 times by this time next year. Here is the link –

Now, at the time of writing this, Rank Makers is closed but Ray offers a waiting list. I am privileged to be a Founder Member, but eventually there will be a place for 40000 people in there. This is going to be the biggest growth effect in the overall network marketing industry. So get yourself on the waiting list and make plans to build a huge network marketing business over the coming 12 months or so.


OK. That is it as far as my mentors go. Why not share yours below. I would love to hear your story of who has inspired you.

BTW  I want to make it clear. I am not an affiliate for any of these recommendations. These are my honest to goodness recommendations for your success in YOUR business.

They have inspired me to achieve the income I have generated so far and will continue to help me, through their teachings to build my business to enable me to reach my dream goals. I am pretty certain that if you follow any one of them you will succeed…. follow all of them and apply their teachings on a daily basis and you will achieve things you could only dream of previously.

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