3 Things To Avoid To Be A Successful Network Marketer

Today I share 3 Things To Avoid To Be A Successful Network Marketer. I hope my observations help you on your journey to MLM/Network Marketing Success.


The worst thing you can do if you wish to succeed in network marketing is to constantly shift from one opportunity to another. Yes, some people will follow you from one opportunity to another, but that WILL decrease as your credibility is reduced because you didn’t make good judgements on the companies you are involved with. I know people who have gone from one failed MLM company to another and their friends and team mates followed them blindly only to lose faith and disappear from the industry all together. It is a requirement of a network marketing leader to have good judgement in choosing a network marketing company in the first place and realise that Network Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It requires stickability and consistency over a decent period of time to benefit from most payment plans.

When people see and witness your consistency in your business they will begin to ask you how they can get involved and enjoy the rewards you are getting.


I hear horror stories in MLM and Network Marketing all the time of sponsors stealing sales from downline or going to other network marketing company meetings trying to encourage people to cross over. I have even had people in my own organisation trying to encourage people from other teams to leave their sponsor and join them directly. Incredible!

I continue to share LIKE, KNOW, TRUST as the key ingredient of becoming a successful network marketer.

When you approach people about your business, remember that,Like, Know, Trust principle. Ask people if they are “open” to listen to an opportunity to earn an additional income. If they are then share your opportunity video, or presentation. If not, then perhaps leave the channel open. If they say, I am already have a network marketing business, then DO NOT be negative about their company or their sponsor etc, just say, “That’s great. There are a lot of great companies, products out there. I am pleased you are in the same industry. If you would like to see how mine works that’s great, if not, then good luck.” Or at least make sure you are not attacking them and being predatory. A predators reputation will catch up with them and that old Karma is going to get them.


I hope  you have learned from my posts and trainings over time that spamming links on peoples time lines or directly emailing links without first developing a relationship with your prospect is spamming. It never really did work in the past but it certainly doesn’t work now. The last thing I need is for someone to send a friend request on facebook and once accepted immediately sends me a link without real conversation – DELETED. I hate that, don’t you? I would just behave with people on line the same way you would behave offline.

A tip I heard the other day was that we should treat facebook as we would if we were at a cocktail party. How would you approach people you don’t know at a cocktail party?

Well, you wouldn’t go straight up to them and say “Hi, my name is Pete, would you look at this business opportunity?” You would introduce yourself. Ask about them, listen and begin to build a relationship. Once that was established, on another day, you may feel they are qualified for your business, and you could ask them if they are open to hearing about something like your opportunity.

So, if you would behave like that at a cocktail party, why not on facebook etc? I think that is the better approach than being a spammer, don’t you?

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2 thoughts on “3 Things To Avoid To Be A Successful Network Marketer”

  1. Loud n clear Pete! it is a challenge and a slow process at times to keep my eye on one prize but as I learn more and my confidence grows in the the world of ‘network’-‘Marketing’ the pathway gets a little clearer…slow n steady wins the race 🙂

    1. Great to see your progress Marcia. The winning is done by people who focus on winning not those who focus on the winners. Keep on doing what you are doing. People will be drawn to your commitment.

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