What’s Your Why?

Did you every think about that? What’s Your Why? Why are you a network marketer? Why your particular company?

I think if you identify why you are doing something, it gives you great motivation than if you join something all wishy washy.

My original Why for my current business was all about being broke and having nowhere else to go and trusting and believing in my sponsor. It proved to be the correct course and eventually the product proved its worth and I was physically better because of it.

Now my Why is all about helping people around the world to enjoy an improved lifestyle of physical and financial health.

I write this from our home in Thailand, my holiday home and a legacy house for my wife and her family. I am sitting on our shady terrace sheltered from the midday sun. Something I could only dream of doing 7 years ago. My life has changed dramatically and my WHY has moved its course to one of enabling others to enjoy the time freedom that I enjoy.

From a state of near bankruptcy due to disastrous property investments and redundancy, my WHY is all about helping others out of situations like that. My WHY is also about helping people into improved physical health through my product, Kangen Water. The reason? It works. I have people around the world whose health has improved because of it.

Imagine that… a legacy business bringing physical and financial health around he world!

Anyway… that is me. What about you? What is your why? What is your passion?

Surely, to be successful in the Network Marketing Industry you need to be motivated more than trying to make some extra cash! It just isn’t possible to build a long lasting organisation without a WHY so strong that it helps you through the hard times, the barren months, knowing that your motivation is great than the NO’s and the ignorant refusals and those old “pyramid selling” objections.

Once you have identified YOUR why you can begin to understand others. How does  your business pertain to them? Asking good questions can identify THEIR why and then  you can know how your opportunity can help them and build that essential LIKE, KNOW, TRUST relationship and strengthen your bond with them.

What can your business, product  and team help them to achieve their WHY and their goals.

Remember, only 10% of someones reason to buy anything is logical, most of the triggers to buy are emotional – 90%! So you need to tap into the emotional interest of your prospects.

Hear their motivation.

  • “I love going for a run”
  • “I hate what is happening to the environment”
  • “ I love cooking good food”
  • “I hate that I am looking older”
  • “I need an extra income

I remember Tony Robbins telling a group of us at a seminar – the key to good communication is to Ask Good Questions. This is certainly true for a successful network marketing prospector.

So in conclusion my advice is:


and get to know your PROSPECTS WHY

It all gets a little easier and more successful once you identify that.

If you didn’t know then, work it out now.

It may just be the start of a great new beginning!!

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