Network Marketing: It’s 50/50%

Yes… Network Marketing: It’s 50/50% if you want to make it as a Network Marketing Professional. Let me explain.

Lot’s of beginner networkers join for the amazing products their company have manufactured or sub-contracted to provide a foundation for their marketing. When you get so involved with these products: lose weight, get great holidays, feel better etc, you begin to focus only on that.

So it’s pictures of weight loss, happy holidays, wellness testimonies etc, and these often get you end users who are inspired by you results but lets face it, the real purpose of your network marketing business is to make you either a part time or full time income, whichever route you choose.

And being a retailer just isn’t going to cut it if you are honest.

For example, the best position in my company is to acheive at least 101 sales of our high end product grossing $300,000 U.S. Now that can be done a couple of ways.


This involves visiting a minimum of 200 families, doing a demonstration, or sharing videos, to generateover 101 sales. A lot of time and effort but it WILL usually give you an income of $50,000 . If you do that every year then it isn’t a bad income, right? Likewise… you can be obsessed with making money and that is going to be switching people off you all together.

But the best approach is to help, inspire, train many other people to do the work for you, don’t you think?


Still sharing your product but equally sharing the compensation  you can receive from duplication. This then introduces two motivations. In my case, healthy bodies through a once in a lifetime purchase, AND financial security from sharing the products benefits and the compensation plan for doing so.

Like the old Moody Blues song says; It’s A Question Of Balance.

50/50 Product and compensation. $50,000 year one, many more from year 2 because more and more peope will follow your example.

A good example of how I have used this is the way I created my wife, Yada’s business. We knew we needed over 100 sales to get her into a good financial position. So once we had our first 2 sales, I invested a lot of my time teaching those people the 50/50% rule. I supported deep into that organisation with presentations, training, social media groups etc and it transpired that over time, and just 5 personal sales later, Yada had reached the top retail position in our company. 5 sales!! Not 101….. 5!!

Easier than making all those 101 sales herself , right? Of course. Now 2 of those 5 have reached the same rank in our company taking Yada to a further rank!

Most top producers in our company haven’t made 100 personal sales , yet they are millionaires? They use the 50/50 rule – Product AND Business Opportunity.

I find people who only talk about MLM/Network Marketing Products tend to be a little shy of the nature of our business – human based marketing, commissions to the field rather than huge corporate networks. Also, I find it puzzling that some people refuse to buy off a relative because they think it is improper to make money out of selling to them, whereas they are happy to go to the local health food shop, or travel agent, to give profit to perfect strangers!! Anyway, I digress

To be honest, I am not sure how many personal sales I have made in my Network Marketing business. I have forgotten and am too lazy to go and check. It is complicated because I have given a lot away and they are not in my front line. It’s about 40 to 50 or so. That is less than 5% of my gross and my income is now residual because sales happen around the world in over 30 countries around the world without any contribution from myself. The ball was set in motion with a lot of effort in the beginning and now it is rolling down the hill under its own steam!

I just love how this business model works, don’t you.

One of my mentors told me last week: “The currency in this business is Momentum!” The harder you work in the beginning , the greater the results are at the end. The more effort you put in during your first year, the sooner your organisation makes you redundant.

So, isn’t it worth talking about the business side of your network marketing business and not just the product? I think so.

Whatever your business is, it is a business. It is not just about chocolate shake or fancy pills or a cheap flight to Vegas. It is a financial security system waiting for you to take advantage.

Don’t leave it to those who are already playing the 50/50 rule, join in and create your own financial legacy, that will last you forever!

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