How My Life Changed And How That Helped 100’s More

How my life changed and it helped 100’s of people around the world…. that is a big claim isn’t it?

Well it is true. I listened to someone I respected and valued and I joined a big ticket network marketing company, despite not being in a great financial position, put my toe in the water, and now I am a top producer in the company with an organisation in more than 20 countries around the world. The great thing about this is that my product is shared freely and enjoyed by many people other than my direct customers. It is an organic product that way. People just want to share it because it works and there is no additional cost to my customers for sharing our product. So they just do it.

Everytime someone comes into their home, they see what we offer. It stands out in the kitchen of every home as it has a significant place in our kitchens. You can’t miss it!

So the question is always – what is that? What does it do? And my customers just say; “here, try it!” , and they do! They like it, it helps them in their every day life and then they decide to buy our product after they have witnessed the benefits to them and their families and then they begin to share our amazing product too!

This business, is THE most organic business I have ever been part of.

It helps people into improved physical health – people share their health testimonies with me and sometimes it hits the spot emotionally because my own story of improved health is pretty amazing.

Our product helps people into improved Financial Health – I earn a high 5 figure income which increases year on year with a very part time effort on my behalf. It has saved me from bankruptcy after redudancy and the property crash left me hopelessly in debt

Our product helps people enjoy life much more – improved mental health through friendship, less financial worry and emotional stress

and… something that I am passionate about ….

Our product helps reduce the impact of single use plastic and household chemicals on the environment.

My business is inexpensive.

  • No monthly autoship
  • No Distributor or Affiliate membership fees
  • No annual renewals
  • No global restrictions

We purchase 1 of our products, any one, and from that point we have a global business forever! I found that amazing….. no ongoing costs…. just share our product for FREE and watch your initial investment be paid for by people who are grateful to receive the benefits I have described.


It is Enagic. A Japanese company formed over 40 years ago and now an Original Equipment Manufacturer of Kangen Water Medical Devices. Only since 2003 have our medical devices have been available outside Japan when the company opened in California for the Japanese community in America. Since 2006 the company branched out to have offices around the world and we have just celebrated our 10th Anniversary of the Europe Office opening in Dusseldorf.

For the price of one of our Kangen Water devices , you have a global business – No Extra Cost. You can market offline or online through social media and email marketing but as explained above, you simply have to share the water to see your business grow.

I began to do this on 1st week of September 2011 with some trepidation as it was completely alien to anything I have ever done before. I have never had an offline business like this because I was used to working online only but the reality is that the water works…. people truly enjoy improved health benefits from drinking the water. So the news spreads and eventually your initial investment disappears and when you get into profit the business kind of runs away from you.

Now I receive payments into my bank account almost every day in the week. The water spreads its own good news around the world and these devices are sold without any input from me.

I can’t begin to count the countries our group have developed customers in: UK, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, U.S.A. , Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, India are just some of them that come to mind.

All because this company give you a global business from purchasing 1 medical device to use to drink, cook, clean and disinfect with in your home and the ability to share water locally and spread the news on the internet through social media, websites and email marketing.

I just love it.

So I would just like to share a couple of videos with you so you can see for yourself how this product can help you and I will give a research link for you to see what doctors and research scientists are saying about Kangen Water.



Whilst an advocate, Dr Shinya is not attached to the Enagic company.




The American Anti Cancer Institute Endorsement and Research

Click this link:


Now each time I begin a new relationship with a customer I can create a new team with an initial sale income of $1710 or €1050, I get paid in Euros because that is where I am based. Imagine… if you had found me and I was on your $1710, 6a lane? You would have $1000’s in your bank right now.

This has enabled me to enjoy travel, build a holiday home in Thailand, reduce crippling debt and develop new relationships with kind and empowering people around the world.

Financially you can do one of four things with an Enagic business:

  1. Use it to pay off your Kangen Water Medical Device – 15 sales on average
  2. Enjoy a comfortable part time income – 4a lane after 21 sales and $1140 commissions thereafter
  3. Be financial independent as a 6a $1710 lane with duplication across the compensation plan
  4. Rich beyond imagination as a duplicating leader at the higher 6a levels such as 6a2-3 with a minimum of 14 6a’s in your team with a 100 sales each

The reality is that many, many people have achieved these higher positions with Enagic and achieved millionaire status and many more will follow.

So my question are:

  • Do you feel that YOU could benefit from the improved Physical health a Kangen Water device can give you?
  • Would you be interested in working with me to get enough commissions to pay for your machine?
  • Would you like financial freedom from becoming a 6a leader within my group?
  • Are you extremely ambitious enough to help at least 14 other people enjoy the financial freedom of being a 6a Enagic leader and be rich?

You see, Enagic can be anything to anyone. A medical device for personal use in the home which can help your health through drinking and cooking, reducing chemicals in your home and remove pesticides from your vegetables or adding a global business to your life from your home kitchen.

I would appreciate your comments below and if you wish to get more information on this amazing company and product please share your contact details with me and I will send you lots of information on the water and business so you can make a balanced consideration.



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