What Does All Out Massive Action Mean To You?

I have been looking through my notes from various seminars I have attended or webinars I have participated in and one piece of advice seems to be the most consistent. It is worded differently in some cases but in reality it means ALL OUT MASSIVE ACTION!

The most readily available wisdom on this is from Eric Worre’s webinar How To Recruit 20 People In 30 Days but it is consistent with every successful mentor I have ever known.

So what does All Out Massive Action Mean To You?

My business changed for me when I was introduced to Eric Worre by my mentor at an all day seminar. He said to me and everyone who attended that if I do this for 90 days, my business will gain huge momentum and lead me to a leadership position I could only dare imagine in my most optimistic dreams. I took the advice and now I have an independent income that allows me to work very part time and enjoy the time freedom I have always wanted.

As an internet marketer, my AOMA consisted of daily blog posts, consistent social networking, using email marketing strategies but I added hosting offline seminars in different cities and countries and using the telephone more. All that action has given me new leadership positions in my company, numerous bonuses and volume leadership commissions that are proving to be greater than my retail commissions.

Adding offline presentations to my business was a bit scary at first. Very different. I remember Jim Rohn saying that was a scary thing for him too. He said, “If I was in the audience, I think I would have left!” Eventually though, anything you do that is new or scares you becomes normal after a few times of nervous practice.

But this 90 days of AOMA really works. Every upline millionaire in my business achieved a crucial leadership position, the backbone of my company, within 3 months. They just went crazy active for 90 days and then taught it. This created a movement of active leadership who, following their mentors example, achieved the same position within 3 to 6 months and thus creating huge 6 figure incomes for the upline who took the action in the first place. This action has created many millionaires in my company and I am pretty sure that has happened in every top quality network marketing company in the world!

The real winners in Network Marketing are people who took up the challenge of at least one 90 day period of All Out Massive Action. Right now, I would like you to give yourself a gift. Set aside 1 hour. Have a notepad and pen. Have your company compensation structure at hand. Then watch this video by Eric Worre, take serious notes and work out how a 90 day period of All Out Massive Action would change your current income performance. It will be enlightening.

If you have seen this video before, do it again and set your goals. Because if you are reading this, you may have watched it, but you didn’t take the action! Be a doer not a dreamer!

So now you know! Every single Network Marketing Millionaire achieved their rank and income from making sacrifices and committing to ALL OUT MASSIVE ACTION for at least one period of 90 days, often 2 or 3!

I hope now you have committed to taking action of the kind that has created high 6 figure earners in our industry you will enjoy the challenge and rewards that will give you.

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