Escaping The Rat Race With Network Marketing

When I first read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki I was truly enlightened. I soon made sure each of my children had a chance to read the book and even had their own copies. Why? Well the book tells Roberts story about his Poor Dad, his real dad who was bound by tradition and status , had a big mortgage and couldn’t break out of the rat race. His Rich Dad was his friends father who taught him the principles of business and investment.

To get the most out of Robert’s teaching you really need to get the book for yourself.RICH DAD POOR DAD It is available at most good book stores and is certainly available on Amazon. You can find more about Robert at his website –

Anyway… in this amazing book Robert Kiyosaki shows us how to escape the Rat Race. How to plan our spending, how to invest our time and efforts to break out of the rut.

One of the most interesting things for me was how he identified unnecessary spending on “stuff”. He called unnecessary spending on stuff, buying DooDads.

And that is the purpose of this post. A DooDad is some meaningless “want” that we have bought because we have persuaded ourselves that we “need” it. Of course we don’t need a new car if our current car is in working order. We don’t need a bigger flat screen T.V. We don’t need new clothes if we already have perfectly good clothes in the wardrobe! They are DooDads!

rich dad quadrantRobert identified a sort of hierarchical quadrant of priorities for us to escape the rat race.  He calls it the Cashflow quadrant. E for Employment – this means you have a job like his Poor Dad and likely to have the biggest mortgage you can afford and living life to the limit.

S is for Self Employed… which is just like a job but you own it!

B is for business owner. This is good because you have a system and people work for you. This is very much like network marketing.

I is for Investor. This is the ideal position to be in because your investments work on your behalf without a great deal of effort from you. You earn while you sleep!

So How Is This Related To Investing In A Network Marketing Business?

How many doodads are you buying each month? How much unnecessary spending is occuring from your bank account? Is this getting your out of the rat race or is it simply securing  your place within it. An impossible place with no escape. Debt ridden trap laid for you by the banks and big global corporates who spend millions to entice you into their trap!

I believe a network marketing business, some financial sacrifice and effort in the beginning can help you out of the rat race.

Investing In A Network Marketing Business To Escape the Rat Race

Whatever your income streams are at the moment, and they may be pretty awesome, unless you are building an income that doesn’t depend upon your personal activity you have a job in my opinion. Network Marketing can offer you a residual income when you are enjoying time off or retirement!

Basically if you are self employed or have a job you are a trader – a trader of hours for dollars/pounds!

1.Choose a business and product you are proud to represent. Do your research. You will be with them for a long time. I recommend  you choose an established company with good corporate governance which has a world class product that has a pedigree of working for its customers.

2. Find a leader you like and learn from them how you can build a residual income.with a network marketing business – I have offered you guidance on the ideal sponsor here: THE IDEAL NETWORK MARKETING SPONSOR

3. Be busy. Once you have started go ALL IN, at least for the first 3 months! Those first 90 days are crucial. Like Eric Worre says, “In network marketing you have to be the hare in the race with the tortoise at first.” After 90 days you can swap places.

It is my experience that people who have gone all in – part time or full time – for a 90 day period have the most success and are more likely to achieve high 6 figure incomes than people who are just steady away and do not show commitment in the beginning.

4 .Make sure your mentor has a training programme to help your team progress in the same way you intend to. It is not just about inspiration. It is about giving people the tools and training to succeed so that their only excuse for failure is their personal commitment!

Slowly build that residual income and remember, network marketing is a long term course of success. This is a long term process and decision but if you think about it, so is slaving away for someone else in a job being Just Over Broke!

I hope this helps some of you understand and realize that it doesn’t take a miracle to get out of the rat race,. The right vehicle plus hard work and persistence over 2 to 5 years WILL build you a nice $5,000-$10,000 a month residual income!

That’s worth the effort, right?

If you have a desire to check out what I am doing please go here : Working With Pete

Good luck and fair wind in whatever you choose to do to escape the rat race.

Your friend


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