What Are The Ingredients For Success With Network Marketing?

Why do some people succeed with network marketing businesses and some don’t? Why do people join opportunities only to be let down and disappointed because what they were sold didn’t meet expectations?

Questions, questions? I was searching for the meaning to success with a network marketing business for a long time and then it just dawned on me; It is just like normal life!

Who are your friends? How did you meet them. What keeps you together?

How are your relationships within your family? Are they good? How do you sustain that?

Do you have a partner, husband/wife? How did you meet them? What keeps you together?

So it goes with your network marketing business. You need to FIND people. You need to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with them. You need to compromise, deliver on your promises, be available and #BeKind!


Most of my personal sales over the last 5 years have come through organic traffic via my blogs and social media. That is a great way for people to get to know you. Sharing your life online is so much easier nowadays and you attract people in a way that people really get to know you. Hear your stories, See your pictures. Understand what drives and motivates you. What kind of person you are.

Then some of them begin to really “Like” you. Not clicking a button on a page but really like you and your stuff. They begin to look at your stuff more, comment and share. You begin to get some authority from their friends etc. Maybe you are funny and you make them laugh. Maybe you are a great sharer of cool and useful information. Maybe you have great wisdom or are helpful in their niche.

Then the real relationship starts. You become a trusted resource. People begin to “Trust” you. Value whatever wisdom you share. That is when you get your sales.

They have looked elsewhere but they have chosen YOU because they, KNOW, LIKE and TRUST little old YOU!!

Wey Hey!! Woop Woop!! Raise those little arms in the air and celebrate!

But, Hey….. Wait A Minute!

This LIKE , KNOW and TRUST thing needs to be a continued offer. Not just , get a sale and move on offer. Network marketing is a continuing relationship building exercise.

So now you have their trust and you have a relationship with a prospect to join you , you need to maintain that trust to ensure they stay within your business and team!

How do you do that? You need to set a good example in the first place

TRUST = Do What You Say and Say What You Do

To me, that is the most important thing. Integrity. Maintaining congruence with your business, valuing your product, and staying true to how you have represented yourself.


That is the key, I think. Once you have built a relationship of trust that your prospects join you as a team member, you need to keep up the connection and build and build on that relationship so that it is strong enough to overcome the many challenges you may face together. Network Marketing is not always a smooth run so the stronger your relationships the better.

I have successful business relationships with people I met online and they have turned into real friendships. I have travelled across the world to meet them, to support them. I celebrate their successes and console them and mentor them when things don’t go so well.

This is the secret of a good network marketing leader. It isn’t just about financial performance, recruiting etc. If you want to have a strong business, they need to stay!

One of my favourite mentors has been Brian Tracy. I bought his cassette tapes many years ago and he is just amazing in cutting through to the real important philosophies on business success. I definitely recommend his stuff as some of the best you can get on success in business and your personal life.

Anyway Brian says that “Successful People are always looking for opportunities to help others….”

I honestly believe that if it is always just about the money then somewhere along the line you will crash and burn. It has to be more than that.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the money. but my goals include peace of mind and time freedom, great friendships and integrity to enjoy the rewards without having ripped people off or selling them dreams that cannot be delivered.

So, for me it is all about Know, Like, Trust. Putting myself out there in a way that I am congruent with. Under Selling and Over Delivering rather than the other way round.

So where do I find these people to begin building relationships with? Just like I found my friends. Networking in areas that good people exist.

I use Facebook personal profile and Facebook pages and this blog mainly, but more and more I am seeing people engage with me on LinkedIn, Twitter and Googe Plus. When I am out and about, I just engage in conversation with people, share my business card if there is mutual interest, and generally #BeKind in my approach to life.

To be honest, the nature of my business means I get a really great income from very few sales. I love it. I would rather make a $1000 or $2000 sale from a person I had a really blossoming business relationship with than doing what I used to do and pay for tons of advertising to get 30 sales of a $10 to $50 a month MLM only to see as many cancellations as sales each month. I soon realised it was a bit of a treadmill.

But whether it is a big ticket network marketing business you do or a small ticket MLM, the principles are the same. Keep building those relationships, build them strong, and you will have a business partner for life.

To your success


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