I was introduced to email marketing strategies in 2008. Wow, that’s 9 years! I couldn’t get over how easy it was to collect names and email addresses from my websites. A simple subscriber form for a free gift and I was up and away!

Since then my autoresponder sends out emails most days to my subscribers without me having to do anything other than the initial set up.

Without giving away too many secrets you can see from the image on the right, that currently I have an active list of over 3000 people who I regularly share my blog posts with and, if I offer value, I get sales from. 

Many people lose out because they are not using smart data collection and email marketing strategies.

I have used one particular email marketing service since 2008

That service is AWEBER. From the beginning of my internet marketing life I was receiving emails from successful marketers like Frank Kern and Mike Dillard without me even knowing that the emails weren’t automated!

Then my mentor showed me how to use it and, BANG! , I was fast becoming a leader in my network marketing business opportunity and I have used Aweber ever since.

  1. Aweber enables me to build an email list from my websites via a simple web form and an offer of a FREE report on a subject that interests the reader
  2. I upload an email newsletter or marketing campaign – either via a shared code from a sponsor or create them myself. I can use first name codes so that the emails appear personal to each reader. These can be organised to go out at different times and day frequencies automatically.
  3. I can use a signature code loaded with my contact details and web links
  4. In addition to the follow up emails I can broadcast special events, newly created blog posts etc as and when I wish.
  5. I can send out broadcast emails across a number of lists if they are relevant and I can segment the list into countries etc so the emails can target the best market for my offer.


Without doubt, Aweber is THE most essential tool in my marketing. I would never trust a network marketing business with my list of prospects unless I could duplicate that list and create my own relationships through email with Aweber. I learned a long time ago that the money is in the list – the relationship is in the list. How you communicate with your list is THE most important resource an internet marketer has!

I listened to Frank Kern once and he was talking about imagining a particular person, creating an image and background in his mind and even giving him a name, Bob , I believe. No matter. If you email people with a sincere message, I find, you get a response and your relationship builds.

Remember, KNOW, LIKE, TRUST is relevant for your email marketing strategy too!

Check Out The Benefits Of Aweber

  • Send unlimited emails at one price: Their price doesn’t go up depending on the number of emails sent. For instance, if you’re in the $19 plan, you can send unlimited emails at no extra cost. This is unlike other services that increase price depending on number of emails sent.
  • Excellent support: AWeber has a very helpful knowledgebase where you can get answers to almost any question you have. You can also submit a ticket, call or chat with their live support team. They’re very friendly and helpful in solving customer issues.
  • One month  trial for FREE: You can test drive all the features for FREE for one month.
  • Great marketing and analytics tools: These tools help in sending emails, creating autoresponders, analytics, doing AB tests, importing subscribers and much more.
  • Awesome delivery rates: You don’t want your email to end up in a spam folder, right? AWeber ensures your emails get to their intended destinations.
  • Low-cost starter plans: AWeber email marketing plans start from $19 per month which is quite affordable for most marketers and businesses.
  • Superb affiliate platform: As an affiliate, you get a lifetime, 30% recurring commission. This means if you convert someone and they get to the $149 per month plan, you’ll be receiving $44.7 in your affiliate account every month from just that one sale! Imagine how it would be with hundreds of sales. Now that’s what brilliant passive income is about.
  • Affiliate support: As an affiliate, you’ll have a separate affiliate account that has excellent tutorials, materials, tips and support.
  • Brand trust: AWeber has been there from 1998. It is therefore a trusted brand that will professionally handle your company’s data.

When I launched I wanted to refer my readers to the BEST TOOLS I knew of to help them with an internet business. Without doubt, the first thing on my list – no hesitation – was AWEBER.

Please watch the video below to see what how it can work for you!


Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

If you have any questions or need support with Aweber, please give me a shout out. I would be happy to help.

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