The Responsibilities Of A Network Marketing Sponsor

There is a lot of information on the internet on how to sponsor someone into a network marketing opportunity but very little information about being an effective sponsor.

When you persuade someone to join your network marketing business you must accept you have sold them on a dream. A dream of financial freedom as well as a promise that whatever product you have promoted to them will work for their benefit.

So sponsoring someone into a network marketing opportunity brings about a big responsibility.

CHURN – The Dreaded Phrase of Failure

That’s a word we used to use in my career in Leisure Centre Management for the number of gym cancellations we got per month. It is the same for Network Marketers. How many people cancel their membership a month? How many people get disallusioned and just stop working their business?

That is the “churn” of the network marketing business and some of that is because people can become “network marketing orphans” in that their sponsor does not support them, or the system they were sold on hasn’t worked for them. In fact I have even known people to cancel their membershp of a Network Marketing business, only to join the same business under a different sponsor! That has happened for my benefit in the past but it really should not happen if you deliver for your team!

A good sponsor can reduce this “churn” because they will be constantly offering support in the way of training, nurturing and providing events or new strategies that work better than they previously offered.

So who has failed when the “churn” reaches epic proportions? In my opinion it has a lot to do with the sponsor who has “sold” the dream but has not delivered on the promises.

What Does A So Good Sponsor Offer?

  1. We need to take responsibility for the offer we make. The company, the team, the product. It is no use promoting something that is not going to be a long term opportunity or that you switch to something else time after time because it didn’t work for you. How can people be confident in you when you consistently make bad choices? So first of all you need to be sure that what your offering is the best you can find – a product you love and are proud to represent, a company that has established its corporate credentials and has solid governance, a pay plan that is rewarding to those who make the effort and a system that has been demonstrated to work. You also need to pick the best sponsor for you. Shop around for the leader you think will help you most – one that fits your own philosophy and has methods you can buy into. That needs to be a good choice too. After all, you begin as a follower and become a leader.  Then you can be sure you are on the best platform for anyone you refer into your business
  2. You need to be a fully committed network marketing professional who is both nurturing and willing to go the extra mile for yours and your teams success. I see too many people who simply make a sale and then do nothing to support the person they have sponsored. Simply leaving it to “upline” is not taking responsibility. If you want to be successful, you need to be a leader in the making. Some of that leadership means to start as a determined, coachable and loyal distributor for your sponsor. They will be your greatest friend in the beginning.
  3. You need to support events , whether online or offline. You need to be on the front row, showing people YOUR commitment, because if YOU are not committed and coachable, you cannot expect your team to be. Your example is very, very important. Events build network marketing businesses. They don’t need to be yours. They could be company events or sponsors/mentor events and some of them could just be for general motivation or personal development. You will learn something and so will your team. If you set the example then YOU will get the reward in the end.

Taking The Flak As Well As The Plaudits

Life doesn’t run smoothly, not  in my experience anyway. There are ups and downs in every part of our lives. Family, relationships, work, business – even well planned holidays can go wrong.

So don’t expect everything to go wonderfully well all of the time. It just doesn’t happen like that. Network marketing teams are just like a family. Relationships go sour, disagreements occur, disappointments expressed. Your role as a sponsor/mentor comes into play here. If diplomacy isn’t  your strong point, then you better learn some!

Each distributor in your organisation  have their own motivation, their own dreams, their own responsibilities. They are unique. So you need to take that on board and deal with problems within your team in a diplomatic way.

I read about different sports teams managers who say that each player needs a different approach. Some need an arm round them, some a strong word, some need encouragement and affirmation of their self worth and ability. It is the same with a network marketing team. We need to try to understand our teams needs, particularly those on our front line and perhaps down to the third level in my experience.

So, accept that there are upsides and downside to network marketing sponsorship and leadership.

The Upside – Being A Good Network Marketing Sponsor or Mentor Is Hugely Fulfilling

When you do something well, anything, it lifts the spirit, doesn’t it?

Building a successful network marketing team does that for me. I love to see people progress in their business. I love to hear of people enjoying the benefits of my products. It isn’t just about the money for me. It is about helping people fulfill their potential. I especially celebrate when people branch out on their own with their own events, training programmes and become almost independent of me.

I have teams in many countries around the world, with independent leaders in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Italy and Israel. It gives me a great sense of pride that I have helped so many people to enjoy independent living with a network marketing business through my mentorship.

That can be your destiny too, if you first of all take your role as a sponsor/mentor seriously.

First be a good follower and then progress to your destiny, to become a successful network marketing leader.

Your friend


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5 thoughts on “The Responsibilities Of A Network Marketing Sponsor”

  1. Great value here Peter. You’re right, Being reluctant to lead when in a leadership position kills growth and potential and will ultimately kill your business. It is one thing to know what you can achieve on your own and believe in yourself; It is another then to consider the growth and success of those you have conscripted who look up to you. They say ‘be, do, teach’. It is a responsibility to ourselves to partake in this loop. We are all connected so we all benefit from the value we gift and receive.
    Thanks for your Blog Peter.

    1. Thanks Bradley. Much appreciated. I hear so many sad stories of “orphans” who are left alone before they are ready, that this was an important story for me to write.
      Your friend


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