Are You A Leader Or A Follower? Does it Matter?

There are many secrets to success. Often people feel to be a leader they need to be the first in any project. Especially people who are involved with network marketing. The constant pressure by sales experts to convince people to be involved in start up launches causes people to switch from one home business to another unnecessarily.Lone Nut

So many people are succeeding, despite not being the first. They are followers of those who have gone before.

When I started online I was a complete newbie and not a young person at all. I was in fact in my late 50’s and was guided by a sponsor who new a thing or two about marketing on the internet. He put me in touch with the right tools to use and how to generate traffic etc.

No-one is the first, in my experience. We are all followers in some way. We all have had some kind of mentorship, whether that is from family,friends, school, college, university etc or from business leaders who have taught us their success secrets.

Most of us then build on that and improve a few percent and gradually our skills and mindset improves and all of a sudden we are leading the field – or at least I hope that is the case in your personal experience.

In fact my network marketing business is working without me. I have an international team who are working independently. I love that.

So I have income streams coming in all the time as a reward from the effort I made a long time ago!

And I just followed my mentor/sponsor and put a few bells and whistles of my own in the success processes we developed over time.

So, being a leader is not necessarily the first person to join a business, but one who is a successful follower.

There is no better way to describe how this process can lead to your own success as displayed in the video below. I hope you enjoy it.

My purpose with this website is to help 1000’s of people to enjoy the benefits from building a successful business online.

I hope now you can understand – you don’t need to be first. You just need to be a dedicated first follower.

Find your mentor, someone who IS successful and follow them until you have developed the skills that others wish to emulate.

By paying it forward in this way – great blessings WILL come your way…..AND KEEP DANCING!!

Your friend


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