How I Use The Internet To Build My Offline Network Marketing Business

Times change, don’t they. It appeared to me a while ago that my Enagic Network Marketing Business grew much faster if I did offline seminars. So how do I promote them in a way that is smart and that I can still build my email list for follow up?

I did a bit of research and discovered an event application site, EVENTBRITE. It worked pretty well on its own for a while. I just created an event, and posted out the link to my email list, team members and hooked it up to my facebook pages.

The thing is , I was still limiting myself to the way the Eventbrite pages looked and how their invitation process worked.

What to do? Well, my friend helped me there. First of all we created a funnel for the events using clickfunnels and it looked pretty fancy to tell you the truth and it was incredibly flattering to my good self, but to be honest I found the whole click bank thing pretty complicated. So I simplified everything using Leadpages.

Now I have a single page website with LeadPages with clickable links to each of my events, currently London UK but that will be added to over the next few weeks by quite simply just by cutting and pasting different dates, times and  venues with a clickable link to Eventbrite.



So here is the website I use:

As always, my mailing autoresponder of choice is Aweber which links people into an informative newsletter and that links seamlessly with the single page website creator,  LeadPages.

Through those tools I can offer an opportunity to get advanced notice to events through the website and provide a PDF about my product. Not only does Aweber collect contact details for me but Eventbrite collects emails and phone numbers for me also.

Once created, and it is pretty simple and easily duplicated, all I need to do is to get the website infront of people, either people currently on my list or finding “strangers” through social media advertising and blogging.

So to recap, here are the current tools I use to build my offline business using the internet:


These simple tools can be used effectively for online and offline business and coupled with a wordpress blog like this one, you can gradually build a branded presence on the internet that will set you up for a long term success strategy for any business, niche that you wish to get involved with.

Obviously, I hope that one day you will partner with me, but whatever you are doing I think you will be able to build a significant contact list, customer conversion and online presence that will last you forever!

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