The End Is Nigh!!! Your Retirement Date Is Never Far Away

Your retirement date is never really far away. As life passes by all of a sudden it seems you are no longer indestructable and mortality beckons. For baby boomers like me, it has arrived! That date of compulsory retirement, maybe redundancy at an older age when it is a difficult time to find a good paying wage, or physical infirmity where you can no longer do what you once found easy.

So now is the time, whether you are 30 or 60, to begin thinking about something better than social security and a government pension.

Retirement Statistics Are Grim

In the United Kingdom the current pension age for men is gradually increasing. For women it is gradually going from 60 to 65 years old and for men it is rising to 68! How fit are you going to be for manual or stressful work at the age of 68?

What is the likelyhood of you being physically active at the age of 68?

The BBC Report:

The amount of time spent needing daily care at the end of life has doubled in England over the past two decades, a study suggests. The Newcastle University study found men spent 2.4 years on average needing regular care and women three years.

The latest research, published in the Lancet, looked at not just the growth in the numbers of older people but also how many of those years were spent needing daily care.

Between 1991 and 2011, life expectancy increased by more than four years for both men and women to 82.6 and 85.6 respectively.

But the number of those years spent with substantial care needs rose much more rapidly, from 1.1 to 2.4 for men and 1.6 to three for women.

Looking ahead to 2025, it means there will be another 350,000 people with high care needs, the researchers predicted”

So What Is Your Plan?

Have you got a plan B?

When I reached 55 I knew what was around the corner. I knew that whatever my pension arrangements were, they were not going to be enough. So I began to invest in property. I gathered a small portfolio of rental properties and used my residence as capital. It all went horribly wrong during the crash of 2008/09. I was just building up debt as rents didn’t cover the cost and I was in a very difficult place. Then redundancy – a highly paid management position disappeared on a restructure. I felt worthless to be honest and then a shock bereavement, losing my lovely wife of 39 years. It was all pretty crap.

The truth is, you just don’t ever know what is around the corner. So accepting that things will not always go right, we need to build some insurance and prepare for the day when we want to enjoy what the world has to offer, without having to clock in to a job or worry about money.

So, I dusted myself down and built a home business to a level where I am a property owner again, in Thailand, have an independent residual income and have married again to a beautiful, kind lady!

I have travelled to Asia, Europe and America in that time too. I have time freedom and manage my business from a laptop and telephone. I have an organisation with 100’s of good people and we are changing lives every single day.
How cool is that? I am excited to be able to help many more people enjoy that kind of future too. If you feel that is something you wish to look at then you can message me for info.

A Network Marketing Opportunity Just Might Be The Right Thing For You?

This website is all about helping network marketers succeed, giving tips and strategies that have worked for me and others.

That in effect was how my plan B developed. I began with my current business 6 years ago, September 2011, and I have never looked back. I worked very hard in the beginning. Talked to everyone about my product and business opportunity. I created a website and posted blog articles on a weekly basis, building a large email list and gradually I built a global team of inspiring leaders.

Now I do seminars in the UK – Health and Wealth Seminars – and provide a FREE member groups for my team to give them all the tools necessary to succeed, whether they are online or offline and I provide this website and newsletter to help network marketers in general and get a few small affiliate commissions along the way.

As Jim Rohn once said: “If it happened for me, it can happen for you too!”

Changing Lives One Family At A Time

Once you get over the desperation, there is a magical feeling of helping people. That is what happened for me. Once I got over the worry of how to pay the bills and then the worry of what is going to happen in the future, being a network marketing leader is a magical experience as more and more people enjoy the same benefits you did.

From difficult places, many, many people have built a life changing income from a small investment with a network marketing business. I started in a desperate position and many of my team were in a similar place. Now more and more of them are breaking into a financial position that is life changing.

Here is a quote from one of my team that we used for my Seminar Invitation website which just fills me with joy:

“Joining Peter’s network Direct Sales Team has changed my life! And from there I have changed and help others in my family and friends alike! If you are in the wellbeing and wellness business, wanting to help people to be in good health, this is for you. The rewards are amazing and to me, this is the opportunity of a lifetime, so after 2 years, I can give up my service and maintaining business up for good and be full time in this amazing opportunity of my life! Am travelling and enjoying meeting friends as I tell them about my new business opportunity. Am helping all people to live a lifestyle that is free from pains and medications! I double my income every year and my future is secured so is my family!” Eddie CHEONG from Glasgow Scotland

I am very blessed to get a lot of feedback like this from my team but this is not just typical to me. Network marketing leaders all over the world enjoy this kind of feedback because it is the industry not necessarily the sponsor which gives people hope for the future.

So if you are looking for a way to enjoy a better life in your golden years and are Coachable, Teachable, Self-Driven and Self-Motivated and have a good work ethic, then a network marketing career may just be what you need to give you a golden future rather than one of worry.

I don’t know about you, but I want to live a long live of physical activity and enjoy the rest of my days without financial worries that negatively impact on my health, well-being and peace of mind.

 Just like Eric Worre has said on numerous occasions, Network Marketing can indeed be a “better way” if you do it right. Find the opportunity that floats your boat, a sponsor who you LIKE, KNOW and TRUST, and begin to build a better future for you and your family.
So, please think about your future and consider a network marketing business opportunity, wherever you are in your life cycle, because in my opinion a plan B is a must for all  of us.

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