The Power Of Taking Notes At Seminars

I just wanted to share a few points on the power of taking notes at seminars. Depending upon the event, whether it is an event where everyone is involved in games or activities or whether there is a ton of information being released, I like to have some notes to take away to remind me of action points I have noted down. As you can see from the picture here, these are some of the notes I have taken over the years. And, YES, I even count the ones on the back of an envelope.

There are notes here from seminars more than 10 years ago and there are notes, actually the ones on the envelope, that I took just a couple of days ago.

Whenever I am short of material for my blog, want to create new training material for my team or am looking for new strategies to implement in my business, I can go back to my notes as I say, “What would Ray Higdon, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Eric Worre do?” and I can rustle through my notes and find the answers.

Some people say you need to be all in at the meeting and pay attention, and I have no problem with that. Being “present” is very important. Being part of the unique experience that happens at every seminar is absolutely vital. This is YOUR time to get the wisdom from those who are presenting and YOUR time to embrace the teachings you feel are going to be useful. But often we forget salient points or strategies so I write down, often in bullet form, what the action points, strategies etc. to help me take the action I need as soon as possible.

Now I am the worlds worst administrator and today I found some inspirational words on a pad that I absolutely cannot remember where they came from, but it made me think of my purpose and hence it has become valuable again!

Today one of my team said everyone she speaks to asks “How much?”. So what did I do, I went straight back to a recent note I took on how to overcome that.

Hey, you can read it roughly yourself. It is the one on the back of the envelope!

“How much is it?”

“Well that depends, we have  a few different options. Truth is it may not cost you anything because it may not be the right fit for you.”

And you network marketers out there will always be asked; “What level did you come in at?” So when you make your initial decision to join an MLM/Network Marketing Company think about what you want to achieve in the long term because your customers are going to want to mirror the initial decision you made.

So that envelope note, where did that come from you ask. It was in my mentor Ray Higdon’s Rank Makers. I make no commission from recommending this to you, but it really is the best network marketing training I have witnessed in a long time.

I do hope though you will use it as a member of MY team but that’s ok if you don’t as long as you are progressing in your network marketing business.

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