Network Marketing Events Win Prizes

Network Work Marketing Events Win Prizes.

I like most other network marketing leaders present seminars and, if you live in the UK you will check out my UK wide roadshow presentations. You can get your ticket here : PETE’S UK SEMINARS

I will be promoting these extensively over the course of the next few weeks and I would love to welcome my UK based readers to join me.

However, whatever you decide….


Whatever network marketing business you are involved with, some one, your company or your sponsor will be promoting events and YOU need to be there. Whether you are on your own, with team mates or guests, you need to simply show up.

When I started my business I had to go to Singapore , Kuala Lumpur and Indonesia for my training. My sponsor was far away. But my desire was so great, I just had to maximise my investment by learning from the best and I have never looked back.

I sometimes have people in my group not attending presentations because they feel down because they don’t have a guest to show the opportunity to. They still need to be there. Learn from the presentation, there is always learning. Instead of being jealous of successful people, ask them what they did to get people there. What questions do they ask? How do they approach people?

If you want to be a network marketing leader, firstly you need to be a leader of yourself! You have to be a committed distributor and then people will eventually see your consistency and eventual success and look at it again.

So whether you are offered opportunity presentations or training seminars, you need to invest your time and effort to be there. Sit on the front row and take part. Be part of the event. Show up.

Remember, it is all about LIKE, KNOW and TRUST. If you have had a reputation of being a light weight or a network marketing junkie, you need to show consistency so people will begin to trust your judgement. Be honest with yourself and then all of a sudden you are turning the tables on those who doubted you. You begin to occur to them differently the more consistent and determined in your business you become.

That is the reward for showing up!


I remember it well. The first time I shared my testimony. Nerve wracking. But like Jim Rohn says, once you get over the fear sometimes you can’t get people off stage!

So it was when I dared to book a hotel and present my first product and opportunity meeting. I was so nervous. I had carefully prepared a powerpoint. I practiced my presentation at home. I invited tons of people and when eventually I had driven to the hotel, set up the event for half an hour, I waited and waited…..and waited… No-one came.

Hugely disappointed I thought about giving up. But no, I was committed, I was determined so I carried on the next month. I marketed it a bit more and I turned up and 3 turned up! I was still so disappointed… but then the magic happened. I was consistent and people began hearing about what I had to offer and the next meeting we had 40 there and then we began building and building until I have presented these type of seminars around the world!

Are there better presenters than me? Of course, but no-one is more determined than me. I was consistent and now I have teams in over 20 countries around the world.

So if you have a true desire to succeed, begin your own events, webinars , google hangouts or hotel seminars like me. The reality is, if you are consistent, your business has to grow.

To be a winner you need to be dedicated to achieving your goal. There are very few talented people out there who get to the top of their chosen field without hard work.

You don’t think Olympic Champions like Usain Bolt and Mo Farah with multiple goal medals without hard work do you? They are obviously naturally gifted athletes but there are many of those out there. Very few reach the top. A lot give up at school, college etc before they have reached their potential. They just didn’t want to show up for the hard training that is required to succeed. So, now is your test. Are you going to show up to your company events? Are you going to be the example your prospects and team mates aspire to be and motivate people to follow you?

Your success depends upon your willingness to show up. Your aptitude to be present in your business.

Showing up to events, whether virtual on facebook , webinars etc or physical events in hotels, is paramount to your success!

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