The Day Life Changed – The Switch From Normal To Shazam!

The Day Life Changed – The Switch From Normal To Shazam!

Did you ever have an experience that was truly life changing? Did you have a moment that had such a dramatic effect on your thinking , a paradigm shift that changed the way you lived forever?

I remember one day in 2001 I received something through the post. It was an invite to apply for a booklet from Anthony Robbins – A Note From A Friend. I find it difficult to remember the exact process but in the end I had to listen to an audio and it seemed magical

There was an invite to attend a 4 day seminar in London docklands – Unleash The Power Within. My wife Barbara, now sadly passed away, thought about it and eventually we said,  “Yes, let’s do it.”

We booked our tickets, which was a bit of a financial stretch, booked hotels and made the arrangements.

When we arrived at the Arena we could hear drums and 100’s of excited people were also arriving. Some probably knew what to expect but we really had no idea at all! As we neared the door we were met by dancing evangelists – the YES group! – who were high fiving and smiling and demonstrating super energy.

It was electric!

Once in the arena we were welcomed by loud 80’s music and dancers on the stage encourging us to join in.It was infectious.

Then, of course came Tony. Clapping and motivating like noone else I had ever seen.

This is how UPW is advertised




At UPW Birmingham, harness the key strategies of wealth creation so you can thrive regardless of economic conditions.


Tony Robbins will help you install the habits that create maximum energy, optimum health and peak vitality.


Break Through the patterns of self-sabotage and fear that hold your relationships back and discover how to create momentum to make the difficult things become effortless.


At Unleash the Power Within , Tony Robbins will implement a fail safe system to make sure you follow through and achieve all of your goals with passion and enthusiasm.”

Did I achieve all of that? Well certainly a lot of it. My personal relations, my drive and  ambition, my finances all took an uplift. We began to travel the world, I developed new business away from the corporate drudge. I changed my diet , increased my fitness. So much changed …. and it lasted!!

Well kind of lasted for about 5 years I reckon until I got caught in the trap of the corporate world again and lowered my guard.

But since those 4 days… definitely there are things that have lasted beyond. My openess to change. My online business learning. My enthusiasm for new approaches to businesses. My energy even at the age of 72! My passion for my Enagic business and other streams of income in that I do it with the primary motivation to help others.

If you would like to know more about UPW with Tony Robbins you can click this link to see where there is a future event near you:

I think I may just go again!

So, my friends, have you had an experience like UPW that changed your approach to life? What changes would you like to see in your life? How do you propose to create the paradigm shift you need to move to the next level?

I would love to hear your story in the comments below, or you can reach me on FACEBOOK MESSENGER HERE and let me know of YOUR personal experiences.


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