A Remote Business – The Flexibility Of A Laptop Life

A Remote Business – The Flexibility Of A Laptop Life

Imagine. You never have to commute ever again. You use your laptop and phone to build a global business from a remote location of YOUR choice.

Is it possible ? Of course it is. So many people are able to do it , so why not you?


You don’t even have to have your own products. As an Affiliate Marketer or a Network Marketer , you can use the internet to build significant incomes promoting products other people have developed.

With the power of social media you can even do this for FREE! Yes… building relationships with other like minded people around the world has never been easier.

I have been doing this for many years now and I know if is a moving feast – working online – and it is often difficult to keep abreast but , hey, that brings about opportunity right?

Most Network Marketing Programmes offer promotion via a website identifying you as the seller or recruiter. So you can find ways in which to promote them via social media for FREE.

The trick is to choose the right programme for YOU so you can stick with it for the long haul.

You can even promote “how to” programmes that YOU learn from whilst promoting it to other people while you learn.

I have tested out a few of these and have settled on HEAL. It is a great movement for people who want to learn how to live a remote life whilst earning a decent income.

There are others out there for you to check out but right now, my only personal recommendation is HEAL.

Affiliate programmes like ClickBank and Amazon are offered so you can begin promoting products that they have developed. Again. Identifying a product that you are sure you have congruence with is the key in my view.


If you have a wordpress blog like this one it can be both satisfying in expressing yourself in whatever niche you choose and it gives you a platform for promoting your own stuff and the products of others.

I would always advise getting a premium wordpress theme linked to your own, chosen domain name rather than the blogspot type of programmes. Whilst it may cost a little more to set up, it will give you a branding opportunity and more flexibility later on down the line.

There are lots of wordpress developers who could offer decent services out there, both locally to you and online.  I have used https://www.upwork.com/ for this kind of work in the past and still use the same graphic designer I started to use many years ago through UPWORK. You can also find people who can do jobs for you via https://www.fiverr.com/

I have been blogging for years now. I love it. It has built a significant mailing list for me using my recommended tools here https://petechapman.biz/helpful-tools/ . Once people are in your email list then you can always send them your recommendations for as long as they remain there.

I have used email marketing since the 90’s and it has helped me build up a significant following and income over the years. Most of that has come via my blogging activity.

So choosing your NICHE and then developing a wordpress blog around that can pay dividends to maximise your brand online and help you develop the remote lifestyle that is often the goal of many of my readers.


This is the key nowadays. Having a personal brand and a social media platform. The mechanics are easy to achieve. Open up a social media account for FREE and then work on your image and branding. Learn how to post and engage with people. How do you do that?

Well, I just winged it early on. I just did as much positive posting, quotes etc as I could and gradually I built up a following on my  FACEBOOK PROFILE

The rules have changed a bit since I opened my first facebook account so you can’t just send out 100’s of friend requests willy nilly nowadays but you can still build up quite  following pretty quickly if you are engaging positively with everyone in your FB Friends list. The trick is to be part of the whole engagement thing. Do not just sit back and watch. ENGAGE!! Be active for other people and that will attract others.

The best thing to do now though is to create a page and if you click this link there is an easy to follow video on this i youtube.


Do that in the niche you wish to promote. Then you can invite ALL your friends to join you in that and even place ADS to get PAGE LIKES. You can even go to FIVVER to get someone to help you.

Then link your FACEBOOK PAGE to your blog or offer and you are up and running.

The complications of social media is why I refer people to a programme like MY LEAD SYSTEM PRO  to help people get started properly. I wish I had a programme like that at the beginning.

The key to Social Media marketing nowadays is definitely in IMAGES and VIDEO.  They say a  picture paint a 1000 words. They also attract the most attention on social media too.This picture of Yada and I was at our house blessing in Thailand after it was built using the income we earned with out remote home business. It attracted lots of interest and people began asking us how we did it.

So don’t be shy to share your pictures online. People see you and identify with you and then a relationship and a bonding is formed. Remember. Building any business is all about LIKE, KNOW TRUST. As people get to know you and witness your sincerity, so will they begin to trust you enough to buy off you.

There are other social media programmes you can build followings with. For example, I kind of use Twitter  a little bit but it is does get you sucked into all sorts of other engagement – politics, hobbies (I love football) etc So I haven’t really maximised a busines impact with Twitter. Instagram is becoming more and more popular for people  who are happier to share images. For me, Facebook is my main social media

So, my friends. I hope this post has helped you on your way to a remote business from your home or anywhere else you wish to plant your laptop!


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