Let’s Be Honest About Making Money Online – Risk v Reward

Let’s be honest.

There are a few simple facts of life about making money from home:

1. At some point you have to place your trust in someone or something

2. You have to make a leap of faith based on as much knowledge you can find

3. Procrastination is not education. It is delaying the decision to help you move forward

4. There is not reward gained without at first taking some risk.

5. Some investment is ALWAYS required

6. You need to put your shoulder to the wheel to build momentum and your target income and goals.

So, my friend, if you are not personally fit for purpose to go though these 6 steps for beginning a home business decision and activity then just do not do it.

This blog is for people who ARE willing to take the next step to be a remote or home business owner. Every post I have ever done in this blog is designed to help those of my readers who are very serious about changing their lives by developing secondary or primary income either through a Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing business.

If I can just help a few of my readers to succeed in someway that will thrill me because for me, having a home business has just been liberating. It has given me freedom from working for anyone else and it has helped me overcome problems with huge debt due to disastrous property investments and unexpected redundancy. Since that day it has become clear to me that it was the best thing to have happened to me.

It took away my parachute. It burned my bridges. It forced me to take a leap of faith.

I have looked back and once I found my passion in my main network marketing business – Enagic – I found I just didn’t need anything else to achieve an income that I am happy with.  I have been with Enagic for nearly 9 years! Why would I stay if it wasn’t making me a decent income?

So seriously, do your research, choose your company well and most definitely pick a sponsor who is COMMITTED TO YOUR SUCCESS!!

Network marketing doesn’t work if it is just treated as a sales process rather than a sponsoring opportunity to help people succeed!!

Yes, I offer affiliate products here: https://petechapman.biz/helpful-tools/ , tools and social media education products .

That is a sensible multiple streams of income strategy but what I recommend also helps others follow strategies that work for ANY online business.

So are you truly ready to take the leap? Or are you just going to be thinking about it forever?

These are MY choices.


The people who make the jump and work hard for a couple of years are the ones who receive the rewards and most of those who procrastinate remain in the starting blocks.

Likewise, those who lack determination and hard work are often the ones who often leap from opportunity to opportunity and lack the spine and work ethic that is required to build any business, let alone a network marketing or affiliate marketing business.

I hope this post has been helpful to you and that you have identified with at least some of my observations and that you are goinng to make the jump into a positive decision for your home business

i would appreciate your comments below and shares on social media.

God bless


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