Sowing The Seeds For Network Marketing Success

Sowing the seeds for network marketing success is the Tao of our business. The Way. Without new leads and prospects a network marketing business dies on the vine as it were.

Whilst I know not every one of my readers is of Christian faith I would just like to share a few words from the parable of the sower. I think it is relevant and so did the great Jim Rohn when he used it to great effect in his great teaching and example on how we should be philosophical in our disappointment as eventually our seeds will find good ground and the right people tend to come along at the right time.

Paraphrasing The Parable Of The Sower In A Network Marketing Context

This is Pete’s version

A farmer went out to sow his seed and as he scattered the seed, some fell on the path and the birds aite up the seed.

Some fell on on rocky ground and although the seeds sprang up quickly because the soil was shallow the sun scorched them and they dried out and died.

Other seeds fell among thorns, and the thorns grew and choked the plants to death

But other seeds fell on good soil, where they produced a crop – a hundred times the seed that was sown.

How can we intrepret this great teaching in a way that can be used in the life and efforts of a network marketer?

The Path

Well, the seeds sown on the path could represent people who have heard our message but failed to listen to it for whatever reason. Our marketing or message wasn’t strong enough for them to consider it so important to devote more time to it; to watch our videos, to attend our presentation etc You may have the opportunity to share your opportunity with them at another time but right now it isn’t the right moment for them.

Be philosophical. I have had lots of people come back to me after many years to join me. Just today 2 people who I have spoken to about my opportunity a number of years ago have come back with new commitments.

Rocky Ground

The seeds sown on rocky ground could refer to someone who hears about your opportunity, is enthusiastic and maybe even joins but falls away because of initial disappointment in their efforts or perhaps their belief and enthusiasm fell away by other temptations.

I have had many people join me only to tall away at the first hurdle or get tempted by the Shiny New Object. These kind of people are often get rich quick enthusiasts and represent the 90% rather than the 5 to 10% you are looking for. The leaders who are going to give you financial independence may be found by these people and this has happened to me, but they are not people to rely upon.


The Thorns

The seeds sown on ground where the thorns grow I think could be those whose commitment is choked by family, friends, google etc. Their commitment ruined by the influence of people who don’t know better, people who do not trust our industry, people who may be respected in the hierarchy of friends and family but who have no objective knowledge of our induTherstry, our company or products.

Google is both our friend and our challenge. There is very little objective information about network marketing or our network marketing products out there. Certainly in my case, my product competition pay lots of money to be above our organic google content because that is the only way they can realistically compete with us. The only comparisons in my product industry are by competitors. There are no objective comparisons so people often come to me by saying, this website says your product is rubbish or old fashioned etc, but in reality it is just nonsense and unethical marketing ploys to confuse prospects and potential customers and often disheartens new team members.

The Good Ground Is Your Friend And Your Future

The seeds sown on  good  ground … ahhh that is where your leaders are, your long term business partners. You have sown your seed on good soil and your sifting has resulted in golden prospects leading to enthusiastic and indomitable team members who will help you build your legacy network marketing business.

“……yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown”

Out of the 1000 or so customers and business partners I have in my organisation 10 have reached what I regard as a serious leadership position and around 20 more will do so this year. That’s about 3% I think. The following year I am guessing quite a few more will ascend the ranks in my organisation and, of course, new leaders will appear as my whole team sow the seeds on good ground.

What I am trying to express here, is that we have to be pragmatic, philosophical and not expect every single person to be like us. As someone who is serious about network marketing, I know that you will expect more people to get your vision, but in truth it isn’t going to happen immediately but believe me the journey will be most rewarding if you stick with it.

Many network marketing leaders refer to the 5%, saying that only 5% of their organisation are active in their business but the real success formula for a successful network marketing business is in the number of members over time.

Well, because I have a high ticket business 5% activity on a monthly basis gives me a very high 5 $ return. 50 sales a month, which represents 5% activity for me, can mean anything from $5000 to $20000 per month depending upon what products are sold. That is the reality for me right now and it all started with a little faith, sowing seeds, sharing product and opportunity to people within my circle of influence and gradually my first 30 people provided the sales to give me a forever income.

Obviously there are more successful network marketers out there than myself, but I am very confident my numbers, repeated over time will just grow and grow despite losing prospects along the way. Enough people will join a consistent and determined network marketer who has a product and company that they are passionate about to provide a residual income stream for many years to come.

So How Are You Sowing?

1. Starting with people we know. Family, friends, people in our social circle.

Product sharing within our current circle of influence is where the traditional network marketer begins. This often leads to family support on product but not necessarily opportunity but not all will be lost on the path along the way. For example all my family have my product in their home and use it. My first few team members were business partners in a previous organisation and I began sharing within my faith group, which resulted in sales.

But, and I caution, a lot of seeds here will fall on the path, the rocky ground or you may get choked up by the thorns. It is most important to use your pragmatism in your close circle than anywhere else, because this is where you may find your greatest opposition. Your family will be thinking they are being kind when in reality they may be talking you out of the greatest opportunity of your life! Beware.

2. How Many Strangers Do You Know?

This was a question put to me by one of my current mentors. “Peter, How many strangers do you know?” We were in London at a seminar at the time and he pointed out that there were over 8 million people in London that day and asked how many of them did I know? In fact I didn’t know more than a handful and most of them were already in my organisation. Thus, he pointed out the huge opportunity before me. Of the 18.2 million homes in my home country, the U.K, less than 10,000 had my product.

He himself was introduced to our business by someone who is now a dear friend, chatting with him at a lift lobby. Someone who was a stranger to him that day, but was met with some kind chat and a swapping of business cards. Now they are both very rich from a stangers conversation!

How can you meet strangers?

Well it is very easy nowadays. You have the internet, social networks, business networking groups over breakfast and lunch. Many, many opporunities for the determined entrepreneur nowadays.

The internet strategies open to network marketers are many and varied with all sorts of fancy techniques open to us.

Funnels, facebook pages, linkedin strategies, twitter, blogs, websites… just lots and lots of choices. Currently I recommend the ACE Initiative for an internet and social media education platform that gives you the skills you need to do succeed on social media and the internet but in reality you just need to reach out to people in a way you are comfortable with in the beginning.


If you want to be successful in our network marketing industry, you need to have an ethical prospecting practice. Don’t just send links and videos to people you haven’t first asked permission from. Your conversation should always begin with: “Are you open to receive some information about……” or “Do you have time to check out some information on a product (or opportunity) that I think you might find of interest?” Something along those lines will definitely help you progress rather than just spraying stuff out there in the hope that something will stick.

Build rapport as best you can with the people you see as potential team members. Here I go again….. LIKE, KNOW,TRUST is my mantra! If people like you, they will wish to get to know you and when they do that they are more likely to trust you enough to either buy your product or join your business.

Rapport is the most underestimated strategy in sales and network marketing. I learned this many years ago from Tony Robbins. It just makes sense. I share Tony’s video below on Mirroring. It gives you an idea of how powerful this is. People like to build relationships with people just like them! Mirroring gives you that opportunity to appeal to people on their level. It makes them more comfortable and receptive to you. I recommend Tony Robbins teaching wholeheartedly. In my opinion he is probably the greatest salesman on the planet!

I hope I have helped you be a little bit more philosophical and pragmatic in your approach to network marketing with this post on sowing the seeds for network marketing success. I would love to hear your observations in the comments below and in return, you will get a valuable backlink to your website .

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