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I am sharing the benefits of my Enagic Kangen Water business today because I have proved that it has given me a fulltime income from a part time effort and my efforts can easily be duplicated by anyone who gets that passion of converting people from tap and bottled water to Kangen Water and thereby reducing single use plastics and household chemicals around the world.

Not only that, my Enagic business has enabled hundreds of people around the world to begin to produce a similar or better business result as myself by just following simple steps.

The trend is nowadays to market yourself on social media and not to mention your product or business. I can understand that and I don’t challenge the wisdom of the masters of social media when it comes to Network Marketing. My problem is this: I am 6.5 years into this and I am now full time and almost everyone on my list and in my social media accounts knows what my network marketing business is. So for you, my valued readers:

I am coming out!

I am an Enagic Kangen Water distributor and proud of it. When I make any personal sales now, I make upwards of $1500 to $2000 and my product is a medical device for the home so that one off purchase by customers gives them the best living water (IMO) on the planet for at least 15 to 25 years!

I have a team of 100’s around the world and my business grows daily from their efforts and I reciprocate by sharing the best methods and training that I know.

Almost every day someone contacts me in one way or another to ask about how they can get involved: either as a customer or team member. I cannot handle everyone, so I pass on contacts to team members if they are situated better on a geographical basis to support customers or team members. Thaty way I help others to build a business but also I manage my time and efforts so that I am able to live my life without time consuming effort when someone can do it for me.

I am pitched regularly by people wishing me to join their network marketing teams. Many of them multiple times in different opportunities. Why is that?

Because none of their previous opportunities have worked for them, either because of the opportunity, their sponsor or their own lack of skill or consistent application.

These are often referred to as network marketing junkies who are continually chasing the latest shiny object or money for nothing programme. They don’t want to put in the work and in reality, no activity in any business equals no tangible, long term results.

Network Marketing is referred to as “A Better Way” by Eric Worre, and I agree, it can be but you need to put in the work, at least at the beginning. Eric uses the great tale of the Tortoise and the Hare to outline the fastest way to build a Network Marketing Business. For 90 days we need to be the hare. Fast beginnings with concerted effort , referred to as ALL OUT MASSIVE ACTION (AOMA) lead to long term success. Tony Robbins always talks about FULL IMMERSION. I remember attending my first Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within event and just went absolutely crazy with my business following that. He just found the trigger within me for massive, passionate action.. something that I would highly recommend you do too!

Once we embrace these concepts of AOMA and Full Immersion in a Network Marketing business we need the passion for our company and product, because if we don’t truly believe in our company and product, our lack of belief will be transmitted to prospects and customers.

Nothing, but nothing gives me the passion I have for Enagic Kangen Water. Too many little health miracles are shared in my seminars and social media groups to provide temptation. The only other income I receive, is some small affiliate commissions for tools and strategies that I recommend to all network marketers.

Right now I write this from our holiday home in Thailand which was built from the income my wife, Yada and I received from our Enagic business. It has been truly life changing for me and I want that for everyone of my Kangenwell team.

My team has grown to global proportions. Only today one of my new team members has returned from spreading the word in Poland and I have been sharing information to interested parties in India, Thailand and the USA.

You see our product genuinely helps people. It is recognised as a medical device and adopted my hospitals and pharmacies. So our customers are getting the very best they can get to help with lifestyle disease.

You can see all about my product, Kangen Water, on my Enagic site here: . There are video demonstrations and lots and lots of corporate information on the links within the site and my newsletter shares a lot of unique information for my subscribers.

But right now, after helping lots of my global team to build successful businesses, I am looking for new team members to help bring awareness of this amazing water across the world. Just sharing this amazing water can bring you excellent rewards.

Starting at $285 (€175) the commissions rise to $1710 (€1050) per sale for our most popular Kangen Water machine.

So quickly people can realise a fantastic income from their personal and group sales (sales by members of their team), basically 10 group sales a month equals or is greater than most peoples income from a Just Over Broke (Job) and it can soon build up to a high 6 figure income if you work at it consistently.

It took me a while to realise the enormous benefits of this kind of business model because I was used to selling products at very low prices in a network marketing business . Now I realise that it is much better to sell a small amount of  high ticket products a month than many sales of low ticket products. Especially in Network Marketing because most of the MLM models require your customers to purchase product every month for a decent income to be built and my experience was that you get lots of cancellations so there is a constant recruitment pressure to maintain income.

Even at a mid range level in our compensation plan 2 group sales can bring you $2000 a month! That is life changing for many people.

                 2 SALES ONLY!!! $1000 a month!!!

Would you like to make at least $1000 a month? Then why not watch the video below to see how it is possible with our unique Enagic compensation plan?

Right now, my permanent base is in the UK and my UK team are doing live seminars in Cities across the UK to showcase Kangen Water and the Enagic business opportunity. If you want to see a no obligation presentation, you would be most welcome.

My best advice is DON’T COME ALONE. Most people regret not bringing partners with them or potential customers or prospects, because that is the way to make a fast start with us.


If you are living outside the UK, then joining our KangenWell team gives you a very realistic opportunity to become my leading Kangenwell ambassador in your country and receiving any prospects I generate to follow up and close into your customer base or Enagic Network Marketing Team.

I currently need new leadership teams in Australia, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Middle East and European countries outside the UK and Italy.

It doesn’t matter what level you are, or what experience you have in the network marketing industry,  I just need commitment, coachability and a willingness to work hard until your team is established to be independent.

I know Enagic can offer you a different level of income that you may have witnessed before in Network Marketing.  I know that because more and more people from other companies are joining us and we are attracting lots of new teams via independent Yoga Studios, Fitness Centres, cafes, therapists etc because most small businesses need a secondary income to support what they are doing nowadays. And what better than the worlds leading water ioniser that is helping 1000’s of people around the world to enjoy improved physical health?

They get to share this amazing water with friends and family and are rewarded for seeing mighty health improvements in those who purchase our product, because Kangen Water works!

It really does. Just go key in KANGEN WATER TESTIMONIES into Youtube and see for yourself!

And what better testimony than the fact we have over 1,000,000 global customers and we are just starting out!


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