Lessons I Am Learning From Thailand

Some of you will know that I am married to a beautiful lady, Yada, who is a Thai national. Recently, due to the success of our business we have managed to purchase additional land to add to Yada’s family land and had built a holiday home for us and a family home for Yada’s children and grandson, MJ. It is a humble home, 3 bedrooms,  which we hope to begin extending over the course of the next few months as well as complete the planting of fruit trees, shrubs and flowers.

We have chickens which tend to give us nearly a dozen fresh eggs each day, a pond full of edible fish and a fruit tree orchard which will soon give us a harvest of fresh fruit. We have about half an acre, maybe a little more at the moment.

Life in Thailand is so much different than the U.K., especially here in the village, where all around us are Yada’s family – Brother and sisters in neighbouring houses and lots of in laws, uncles and aunties and cousins in the village too. Sometimes I think I haven’t met anyone who isn’t related to Yada, either through blood kin or in laws.

I speak little Thai language and not many people locally speak English either, so I depend upon Yada to update me on what is being said, but what I never get the feeling of, is that I am not considered, included or that I am treated as unwelcome. In fact, it is exactly the opposite of that.

The lessons I am learning are of the meaning of true community. Something that has rarely been present in my life since I was a young boy. Growing up in a local government, rented estate in South Manchester area of the UK, we did have that in the main I think, with neighbours helping neighbours, and also sometimes nowadays, when the snow comes and there is a joint effort to clear the streets and paths but very rarely.

I have witnessed it in my Church group especially house moves and other projects, such as help with big projects but rarely in my home communities.

In the UK we all seem to remain very private. A mans home is his castle, sort of thing. So that has taken me a bit of getting used to over here, where people wander over our property to get to another one etc.

I think it is all summed up by one of the phrases I have come to love over here; Mai Pen Rai – No Problem, Don’t worry. It is kind of relaxing to know that I should just stop stressing about things and Mai Pen Rai.

I have been reading my scriptures and books on Zen and Compassion while I have been out here. It has given me time to reflect on my life and work out what is really important. I have enjoyed chatting with friends and team mates from across the world when I have WIFI , but I guess my tone has been more relaxed as I simply enjoy the peace that our new home and the slow lane life we enjoy out here.

I hope that when I return to the UK in a couple of weeks, this is February 2018, that I bring some of these feelings of peace and community back with me.

A Network Marketing Team Can Be Like A Family Community

I am grateful that my business, working from home, just like today in my humble office in Thailand, has given me this holiday home to escape to once in a while. I owe this to the hard work of my KangenWell team and all their efforts and constant support.

We have built it just like my wife’s Thai community have. We have built our team like a family community, supporting one another whenever support is needed or asked for.

I know that my way of life is sought by many, free to work from home with the hours that suit me. I also know that my life choices are personal to me but that dreams and hopes can come true for everyone if you work hard enough with a Network Marketing business.

People often talk about wishing to make money while you sleep. This is very much possible with an ethical, legacy Network Marketing business.If you build it right, with sound principles and with a supportive philosophy then a decent income well into the future from an intense short term effort can be yours.

Thank you for being there and giving this post some time. I hope it has given you something rather than a bit of a ramble about my time here in Thailand. Keep the faith. Believe in yourself. You ARE enough. You CAN achieve great things in our industry. Build your own team community.  I know you can.

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