Shiny New Object Syndrome – The Curse Of MLM

Have you ever been distracted by all those pre-launch shiny new object offers that come into your inbox every day? It is tempting isn’t it? Even more so when you are in a bit of a lean period.

The problem is that people who get distracted lose focus on building a long term business within the network marketing community and they lose credibility with their followers.

It is pretty logical, don’t  you think? If your judgement isn’t great then why should people trust you? If you can’t make one MLM/Network Marketing business work, why should people trust you with another?

I know some people will play “follow my leader” for so long but how many ponzi ad share, virtual coin mlm’s etc does it take before your credibility is totally shot? Not many.

I know these shiny new things are out there all over social media and your network marketing friends willl be sharing all sorts of stuff with you. Tempting you to move, but the reality of network marketing is that it is a long term project. Most pay plans are designed for residual income over a time frame that totally excludes shiny object, get rich, money chasing network marketing junkies.

Breaking Up Successful Teams

Yes, the Shiny New Object Syndrome can break up successful teams. Just a bit of impatience by a strong upline leading to something new, can cause disenchantment and end up causing irrepairable damage within what was previously a successful team.

There are always peaks and troughs in recruitment in a network marketing business and lots of MLM junkies blame the company and not themselves. Often there is a rush of successful activity in the beginning and then once things slow down, some people start to look elsewhere. But, in my opinion, it is wrong thinking.

Consistency is rewarded in network marketing. Credibility in the industry is hard fought for and sponsors expressing disappointment in their company or switching companies on a regular basis, really causes burn out of newbie distributors.

Pre-Launch and New Launches Rarely Deliver

I get offered new launch biz opps every day. My facebook messenger is full of them. I see posts on timelines from people who have never succeeded in an MLM business at any high level, sharing links from the latest business opportunity that will make me a millionaire in a week.

They rarely deliver. Companies often hype up their opportunity beyond what is achievable in a short period of time. Distributors promise the earth and this often leads to huge disappointment in the gullible wannabe’s who pay too join.

New launch companies are often at risk of failure and if you are not really sure if they have a sustainable record, necessary finance, legitimacy with the authorities, then you need to stay clear.

There are a lot of failed MLM companies that promised the earth. Banners Broker and Traffic Monsoon were Ad share companies that were forced to close down because they were branded as Ponzi schemes by the U.S. Authorities. They promised the earth, but they didn’t last. WakeUpNow and Empower Network have recently gone too.

All this leaves distributors disallusioned and with a lack of income and credibility.

Much better to stick with what you know and work hard to built it in the long term rather than chase those Shiny Objects and be left in disappointment.

I shared this post  THREE REASONS NOT TO GIVE UP ON YOUR NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS and stand by it. You can be assured, if I ever switch it will be for fully thought out reasons of a great magnitude. I certainy won’t be following the Shiny Object, MLM junkie brigade. I hope you don’t either.

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