3 Reasons Not To Give Up on Your MLM

How many times did you think you should give up on your MLM business? Did you or are you thinking of quitting?

Some times when times are hard – your recruitment isn’t going to plan, your downline aren’t putting their shift in, your upline isn’t helping, you company has moved the goalposts on you – it seems easier to stop than to continue.

I know, I have felt that too. I have built a big organisation and all of a sudden there is a plateau and things don’t quite run as fast as you want in your network marketing business, but in the end you just don’t want to give up on all your hard work?

But I started my business with a dream, a significant goal. I was going to turn my life around from being deep in debt from a disastrous property investment portfolio crash and realising the freedom to live a life that I want, on my terms, with no debt and the ability to travel and live anywhere I wanted to. So when things start to get a little difficult, I remember that and knuckle down to overcome my negative emotions, turning those negative thoughts into new determination to succeed.


The 3 Reasons Not To Give Up

1. You Started For A Reason – What Changed?

What was your reason to begin in the first place? Was it like mine, to get out of debt? To build a life that you can live on your terms? Was it belief in your product? Your company?

What big goal did you set yourself?

Sometimes we forget why we started and just get so wrapped up in the day to day that we lose sight of the prize.

TIP: Re-evaluate your Dream Goals and set clearer step by step actions to achieve them.

2. What Was It Like Before You Started?

Remember what it was like? I do. It was a life of stress in corporate world management with sleepless nights worrying about the following day. Dreading the bank statements coming in. A property portfolio losing value every day and rents not covering the mortgage. Huge debt and no way to get rid of it . This was the key reason I began my current network marketing business.

So I look back on that, I feel those feelings again and no way do I want to go back to that!

So what was it like for you? Did you begin to dream of a better life? Did you see others enjoying holidays and nice things and you wanted some of it? Were you in a rut?

So if you give up on your MLM or network marketing business, what happens then? Do you start again? Do you give up on yourself?

TIP: Be a believer in YOU. Look at other successful MLM’ers and know that the only difference between you and them is what is between your ears and in your heart! You CAN do it. You ARE good enough. Wherever you are in your business, in your life, you can begin again from there!

I am always inspired by this quote:


3. It’s Not Your Company or Your Upline

You Can Succeed In Any MLM/Network Marketing Company. So many people ARE succeeding in your opportunity aren’t they? I shared some thoughts on this in this post – Network Marketing A Legitimate Business Model . If you choose what is right for you in the first place, company, product, sponsor, then what has changed? Was it you, your company or your sponsor?

I took a bit of a huff when my company changed something big on the way I could market my business, one of the reasons for this website, but in essence, the product was the same, the compensation plan was still the best I knew, and I knew it was really only me that had an emotional disconnection. So I just changed my strategies a little bit and I was back to winning ways.

So, if you took care in the beginning it should still work for you if you apply yourself, remotivate yourself and get some new strategies.

One of the reasons I recommend THIS SYSTEM is because I know it will help YOU and thousands of others like you to get back on track, learn some new strategies and earn a little extra income at the same time from some affiliate commission!

TIP: Invest in yourself.

Get some training from outside your group. Set yourself aside from the crowd. Do something different. Look for mentors who can inspire you to get out of that rut! I took Tony Robbins UPW seminars – amazing. I am a firewalker! That got me going, I can tell you! I also invested inThe Ace Initiative where there are tons of excellent strategies to help you brand yourself as an MLM professional and get those recruiting skills that will take you to the next level

Are You 3 Feet From Gold?

Remember this post? ARE YOU 3 FEET FROM GOLD?

I recommend you read it again. It has an insight into what it could mean if you gave up on yourself. You just may be a few days away from someone in your organisation finding someone that will build a huge team in your business. Someone you know may be watching you right now and seeing your progress and may just be about to call you and ask you to tell them all about it.

What do you do or say when you have given up, given up on yourself? Don’t do it.

You might not think it, but I am thinking of you all the time!

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2 thoughts on “3 Reasons Not To Give Up on Your MLM”

  1. Pete, you know my story, and how blessed I was having Amjid contact me through the blog you set up for me. A series of medical condition between Jean and myself have. been restricting my effort, and enthusiasm, and yes I have on occasions thought of giving up. Then I hear about the successes in the team and realise that to give up would be crazy when I am so near to 6A
    Your wise words have inspired me to review my ‘WHY’ and crank up my activity. Cheers mate.

    1. Really pleased to see your progress David. A true example of sticking with it and a golden nugget turning up unexpectedly.
      Now you are very close to ranking up to a level that will truly life-changing.

      Pleased to have played a part.

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