Building Loyalty Into Your Network Marketing Team

Building loyalty within your Network Marketing Team is pretty crucial if you are to build a legacy business. Having a loyal team of supporting leaders is the essential backbone of a long term network marketing business but this is only created by having the long term vision in mind from the beginning.
To create loyalty within a group firstly YOU need to COMMIT to their success and not just your own.
It is important to have integrity within your team and show that you are there to support them, work with them as deep into your organisation as possible so that no-one feels left alone. If YOU do this, then your team leaders will learn to do it also.
I go on and on about LIKE, KNOW , TRUST. Why? Because it is truly key to all things to do with succeeding in a Network Marketing Business.
For Loyalty the key thing is TRUST. If people TRUST you they are more likely to be loyal to you. If you are just focusing on SALES then you have lost the point of the network marketing business model. Network Marketing success is the ultimate team building business model. Everyone succeeds together or no-one succeeds at all.
You cannot be a really successful leader in the Network Marketing Industry if you do not help other leaders to grow and a team doesn’t grow significantly well, unless their is a loyalty within the group.
As the late great Jim Rohn says, in Network Marketing it shouldn’t be I CAN DO IT, it just be LET’S DO IT.
Having a team ethic will work much better than being a salesperson and not helping those you sell to to do the work for you.

How Can You Build Loyalty In A Network Marketing Organisation?


One thing is for certain, is you can’t just expect people to be loyal to you, your organisation or your team. You cannot demand it.

Loyalty has to be earned, through your behaviour and the culture you create. In many ways it is through the giving of your time and heart to people and showing real care and support for each and every person that is connected with you in the early days and as much as you possibly can.  It has to be earned through your sacrifice to others.

Then as your team grows, you need to provide training and development, events and marketing systems. This can be done through a supportive sponsor or by introducing your group to external providers such as the ACE Initiative  if you don’t feel ready to do it yourself. This way your are helping people to get results and giving them a platform for success and building that team loyalty as you go along

My Mentor, Sifu Raymond, referred to this as Servant Leadership. I was honoured when he said that I was a good Servant Leader. It meant that I had been converted from someone just looking to make money to a person whose main motive was more altruistic, wanting genuinely to help people enjoy a better life, whether that was through my product – Kangen Water – or financial security through the Enagic business model.

Servant leadership is a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world…..The servantleader is servant first… It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first.” ” Robert K Grenleaf

Giving your time, talents and effort to your team is a must if you want to grow a legacy business in any network marketing company.

Training Your Team

Nowadays, I do product demonstrations all over the United Kingdom. I also offer training afternoons afterwards. Because for a team to grow they need the tools to succeed.

Often that is just sharing your personal experiences or the experiences of other, more successful people in your organisation. It can be done one to one or as a group. It can be done online or offline.

Yes, we need to be encouragers but we also need to be information sharers. There is nothing worse than being a new distributor left alone . I am contacted by Network Marketing Orphans most weeks. People in my own company who have been “sold” the dream but not supported to achieve it. Also by Network Marketers in other companies who are looking for help and support as their sponsor is not helping.

I believe Network Marketing to be a wonderful business model. A true team philosophy honestly put together in our industry provides magical results.

If you have real ambition to be a successful network marketer then you are taking leadership responsibility from the beginning. If you do not accept that, you will never be successful!

So be prepared to share your experience with your new team members, to help them succeed.


OK… so you join a network marketing company and you are committed to being successful. You have been sponsored by someone who is inexperienced and just started. What do you do?

You go to EVENTS! Whatever is provided for you, you eagerly attend every single one. You immerse yourself in your company and the training offered by your company and your team leadership.


You EDIFY the person delivering the events. You build them up. You share your strong feelings of appreciation for them and you take as many people as you can to each event. This is NOT to pander to the Ego of your network marketing leader or sponsor, or indeed your company trainers, this is to encourage others in your team to get the VALUE that is being offered.

Cynics don’t win in this game! First Followers do!


When I first saw this video at a training event it explained much to me. As a lone distributor in the United Kingdom with my sponsor thousands of miles away in Singapore, I was in many ways the crazy dancing guy branching out on my own. Since then my UK team has grown to having over 10 senior ranking individuals in my company and they were rewarded for being my first followers.

It was a big relief not to be on my own and for them a lot of the pioneering work had been done for them. It was easier for them as first followers to succeed because the ground had been broken and the foundation had been built!

Most of them found me through the internet and social media but their commitment was awakened at one of my off line EVENTS!


To Summarise

I believe that if you start your business with a heart to help people and a deep commitment to the success of others, then you have a good chance to succeed. Even if you are coming in just for the money, if you don’t have a passion to help people succeed your success will be shortlived and it will be the real leaders, the example setters, the people people, who will succeed and have a legacy business they can leave to their children and grandchildren. That is my goal. To provide hope and a genuine legacy for 1000’s of people around the world.

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