Sell What’s Possible – Not Unrealistic Dreams

Have you ever fallen for the promises of being a millionaire or a 6 figure earner in a few weeks or months without much effort on your part?

Many people have. It leads to real disappointment and depression. People losing hope and giving in on their realistic dreams because of some over promising.

My Facebook Messenger inbox is getting filled up by offers to join big ticket affiliate marketing schemes which are mainly internet marketing education programmes.

Beginning at $1000 and upsells going up to $10,000. What do they consist of? Well the heads of these organisations are selling training courses which are followed up by more and more offers at increased prices. So beware.

But I too offer a big ticket affiliate programme. So I shouldn’t judge too quickly, should I? I will talk about that a little later.

I think first of all, we all need to examine what WE need before we buy anything online. What are we seeking?

When I first read RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki, the thing that struck me was his mention of DOODADS!

Doodads are things we think we need but in reality we just want them. Like a child at Christmas, we see the next shiny thing on the internet and persuade ourselves that our life will change if we buy it, only to be disappointed at the end of the day.

It is the same with online courses or group training programmes. Ask yourself, do you really need it or are they persuading you that you do so you want it. Sometimes these courses are overwhelming, filling your email inbox with other offers before you even get past go in the first one.

I know of people who have paid $10,000 for group training and coaching but have stopped accessing it because they are overwhelmed with the content and continuous pressure to complete stuff that takes up huge amounts of personal time to achieve.

Some of these programmes are good, don’t get me wrong, but you need to be in the right mind set for them and have the time and inclination to devote that time to achieving the end result – the result that YOU wanted.

As you search for testimonies about products you may buy online or get FREE trials or even a Test Drive of a car etc, so you should with programmes or opportunities that someone approaches you about.

So representing these programmes bears some responsibility in you. Do you have integrity and congruence in recommending something before YOU have achieved the results you are selling to other people?

I was approached the other day by someone on messenger, a strategy common among guru’s nowadays, inviting me into a programme that could make me $100,000 a month! I asked, “Are you making $100,000 a month?” To receive the reply , well you have that potential.


Where is the integrity in that? The selling point this person made was that there is potential but they haven’t realised it yet. So why not market the reality that you can truly share your experiences of.

So my guidance is to Sell What’s Possible and Don’t Sell Unrealistic Dreams.

In network marketing that could be YOUR experiences or that of others in the efficacy of the product or that the compensation plan has enabled you or your sponsor to reach certain rank or income level and that there is a training programme to enable you to do that also.

But please, don’t be selling all this “Be a millionaire” B.S. because to make a million in anything requires real hard work, dedication, persistence and the ability to duplicate with really big achievers.

You could be selling a big ticket affiliate link, a big ticket Network Marketing Opportunity or even a $200 a month opportunity. Just be realistic.

As I always say, Under Promise and Over Deliver and not the other way round!

Be realistic in your own expectations and what you can truly offer other people with integrity and have congruence with what you are selling.

My primary business is Enagic. It costs upwards to $4000 to buy our product – medical standard home water ionisers for your health. I can share my own testimony that my unit – nearly 10 years old now – has helped me with my health.

I can share testimony that the business that investment has enabled me to activate without extra cost has brought me out of extreme debt and helped me buy a home in Thailand, travelled the world and given me a full time income for a part time effort.

I didn’t achieve that without hard work in the beginning but now I am just cruising and enjoying the rewards .

I can help you do that too… if you work as hard as I did for the first year and followed the plan.

But I won’t tell you that you can achieve something that is not realistic. I just promise you that I will be there for you if you choose to join our global team.

But this website is designed to help anyone succeed with a home business – whether you are in my team or not or even if you are not in the network marketing or affiliate marketing niche. I think there are tips and tricks in here that can help any business.

Be True To Yourself and Be Kind

I try to follow my instinct to be in integrity in what I do and recommend. The products that I recommend, internet tools, my Network Marketing business, are products that I can support , use myself and feel can help my readers, subscribers team members to further their own ambitions in making a successful home business.

I also feel that I want to be kindly and empathic to the situation others find themselves in. Being an entrepreneur can be tough, especially when family and friends do not understand what you are doing and think you are a little strange in going off the beaten path of a steady job and bashing away at the low, glass ceiling.

That is how they train Fleas, you know. They are taught to jump and stop before they hit their head on a glass plate in a jar. Different heights for different fleas so that they can do specific tricks. We don’t want any of that, do we?

In summary:

  1. Buy what you need not what you want
  2. Have congruency in what you represent
  3. Don’t sell unrealistic dreams
  4. Work hard to achieve YOUR realistic dreams
  5. Set an example to others
  6. Be Kind.

As always, I write this in the hope that somewhere out there this will help others. I would love to hear from you on your own experiences.

Meanwhile if you would like more information on how to join me in business, PLEASE CLICK HERE or go to the Work Together page on this site.

God bless… have a great day whenever you read this


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