Attraction Marketing to build an MLM/Network Marketing Business

Building a successful network marketing business online can appear overwhelming to a beginner or even someone has had a modicum of success offline…. and online is the way to go for certain. The internet is the future, even for us oldies.

Often the greatest challenge is to begin. Just make a start. Just like the old saying by Lao Tse says: A Journey of a Thousands Miles Starts with a Single Step.

Finding new prospects is often difficult if you just focus on the traditional way. Write down a list of people you know and call them with your offer. No matter how good you are at that, you eventually run out of prospects and referrals.

When you’ve been in the game as long as I have then that list definitely needs to be added to with strangers. So how do you meet strangers?

Offline that probably means joining business networking groups, (I hate getting up in the mornings for those breakfast meetings! ), cold calling, approaching people in the pub etc.

I hate the prospect of that!

Why not have a strategy where people contact you? A simple social media process that encourages people to seek YOU out. Nowadays I get friend requests from marketers from all over the world who are reaching out to me as they see ME as THEIR prospect. So though I have to disappoint them, I have 1000s’ of people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, my email list etc, who are MARKETERS who are looking for financial improvement.

I have a big ticket offer and I sell to people just like me. On average my new recruits sell at minimum of 20 units in my offer which averages out at $4000 each. So a gross of $80,000 with my commissions at about $35000 . Not bad right? It might take a while before these sales are completed but finding just a few people like that a year is certainly helpful.

Obviously you can achieve good incomes with a low ticket offer too, but you get what I am saying. Network marketing is all about finding resellers, marketers, people who have a desire to build a decent income from a low cost business from home.

So if these people found you rather than looked for them, then that is a good outcome for sure, don’t you think?

At the end of this post you are going to get FREE Access to over 60 pages of information on

So How Do You Get FREE Leads Through Attraction Marketing

At the end of this post you are going to get FREE Access to over 60 pages of information on exactly how to do this but let’s just highlight some simple messaging right now.

Step 1: The first step is to Build Your Audience

That is pretty much a massive must for your network marketing business. You need to fill up your email list and social media full of prospects for your business. This is your daily task!

How many strangers are you connecting with on Facebook, Twitter etc? You need to be filling that up daily. These are your prospects. Slowly but surely you need to begin converting some of them to sales – business partners in your network marketing business and then you should be teaching them how to do the same!

If your audience isn’t growing, your business isn’t growing. So let’s get to it! You want to succeed, don’t you?

Step 2. You need to get ENGAGEMENT with your Audience

You know by now that I advocate the LIKE, KNOW, TRUST doctrine of building relationships with your prospects and your team. I think I practically mention it in every post.

So engaging with your audience means just that, building relationships. You are creating a tribe! This is a critical element in your network marketing career. Making yourself likable. Getting people to know and trust you. Then people ASK to join you. You practically don’t need to sell anything!

To do this you need to create good content that serves your target audience. They need to see value in what you share. When people engage with your content, then you should be interacting with them. Follow their stuff. Interact with it. Show an interest in them.

For facebook, and there is lots of information on this in our dreambuilder guide, you post good text posts, quotes, images, lifestyle photo’s, facebook lives etc. People will be engaged with that and it is those people YOU need to connect with in a positive manner.

Likes, comments, shares. All these build relationships with people. If you share THEIR stuff with a positive comment then believe me, they are more inclined to share YOUR stuff too.

Slowly but surely you are building YOUR audience from THEIR audience because your content is seen as giving value.

The easiest way to do that is at the end of each post is GIVE THEM A SIMPLE CALL TO ACTION!

Are you getting it?

  1. Promote your content
  2. Engage with the people who interact with your content

Step 3: Sell To Your Audience

So this is where you want to be, don’t you? You want to close those sales so you get rich, LOL!! Or at least you want to build your team with people who believe in the same things as you do. You want ambitious people who have the desire to use YOUR platform to build a secure financial future for them and THEIR families

This is the difference between marketing and sales. No w is the time, to use all that LIKE, KNOW, TRUST to ask for the sale.

To help you with THIS element of this 3 step formula, I would like to share with you that 60 page plus PDF for FREE to share with you exactly how to go about this whole process that can take YOU to the next level!

Believe me, you will want to take this step if you are evenly remotely ambitious in your Network Marketing business.


Remember, it is FREE! You know I love to give value!

Once you have accessed the PDF and you have questions, just get back in touch so we can go that step further together.

God bless

Pete Chapman

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