3 Ways To Increase Your Referrals

Todays blog offers you 3 ways to increase your referrals. How do you get referrals for your network marketing business? This is a big question because I am often challenged by my team or prospects who say; “I don’t know anyone.” or, “I don’t want to approach my friends and family.”

My mentor always says; “How many strangers do you know?” There are lots of them out there aren’t there. So how can you get your opportunity in front of strangers?

In reality there are tons of ways to find new prospects and get new referrals into your network marketing business. Today I offer 3 ways to get business referrals

Number 1 – The Internet

It is a big world out there and I have previously written about the 3 most important tools I use to generate referrals and new business using the internet. In my opinion a static website is not enough. You really need to add content to your site and that is why I recommend a wordpress blog and link that to an automated email service, like Aweber which I use. There is a lot of choice out there.

Branding yourself rather than your company is THE most important strategy for you so that you can keep your readers and subscribers no matter what happens to your company or your relationship with it.

My wordpress websites are the number one reason I have developed my global network marketing team.  No matter what you do, it is YOU who need to be the figure head for your website and blog.

Even though this site, PeteChapman.biz, is a relatively new website for me, I am still getting daily readers and subscribers and that is linking lots of people into my social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Which takes me to my next way to get referrals.

Number 2 – Facebook

I can attribute a lot of my sales to my use of facebook. I started with a personal profile and now I have a number of pages – product and branded to me. There is a lot of abuse by network marketers who spam facebook “friends” with links etc, post on other peoples timelines, message new friends straight to a pitch. It isn’t the way to do things.

Facebook was originally designed for friends to stay in touch, make new friends and share messages with each other. So it definitely is not the place to constantly go on about promises of 6 and 7 figure incomes from a link that just costs $10 entry! That’s stupid. Believe me, if people are genuinely earning that kind of income, they are a bit more classy than simply putting an mlm link on someones timeline!

It is still all about Like, Know and Trust! Use facebook to build rapport with people. One of the key learnings from one of my mentors is all about communication. He says; “How do you know a message is received?”

At first I didn’t get it. Gradually though the message sank in. Just because we send out an email we cannot guarantee it being read. Just because we sent out a text message, there is no assurance that it will be opened or read. We just don’t know if the message has been received.

How do you assure a message is received? “You ask for permission!”

Would you be open to……? Do you have time to hear of……… Are you interested in hearing about …..

You are asking for permission. This is how you can use Facebook messenger from your personal profile or your page to build up rapport and perhaps invite them to look at your presentation.

Facebook pages are for business. Personal profiles are for friendship and relationships. So I definitely recommend you have both. I recommend that you create a public figure facebook page – you can check out mine here Pete’s Facebook Page  – and then season it every day with posts, photos, blog articles etc. and gradually you will build your unique audience. You can ask your facebook friends to LIKE you page and then, once you have seasoned it with a few posts, videos, pictures, blog posts etc you can boost your LIKES by paying for a Facebook LIKES campaign. Aim to get 1000 LIKES and then you will begi to go all organic!

I recommend Social Juke Box to automate your social media output. It is a great service and cool to use. Basically you can add content once and Social Jukebox delivers it for you every day at whatever frequency you choose. Definitely a great way to add content to your Facebook page, and indeed your Twitter account.

So… be smart. Build relationships on Facebook personal profile and share good stuff on a facebook page. Your audience will begin to LIKE, KNOW and TRUST YOU.

Number 3 – Business Networking Clubs

Have you ever joined a business networking club. Breakfast, lunch, dinner clubs for referrals or general networking? Some of them are informal and some  little stiffier but they are a great resource for getting new referrals for your business or product.

In the UK there are breakfast networking clubs like 4 Networking, which I have used, Business For Breakfast and BNI but there are many more available to you not just in the UK but across the world. Most of them have free trial periods. Personally I prefer the networks that offer a chance to have one to ones against the need to provide referrals every week . I am a home worker so I don’t have many local business contacts to offer. Annual costs for these groups vary.

If you are really looking for some great advice and tips on this then I would definitely recommend Stefan Thomas and his book Business Networking For Dummies . I know Stefan and attend one of his courses. I highly recommend his wisdom on his specialist subject. He knows exactly how to represent yourself at Business Networking Meetings and it works.

A lot of my downline have come from gaining referrals and new contacts from business networking meetings, not just directly but indirectly as many of my team are attending breakfast meetings across the United Kingdom and some are attending international business meetings with BNI.

You should be armed with Business Cards, Flyers and Pop Up Banners. Most of them allow you to take one pop up banner per meeting, you share business cards with one another and normally there is a leaflet table too so people can pick them up even if they haven’t been in your one to one group.

Even if you sacrifice one early morning a week to have a breakfast meeting you will find eventually, your network of contacts increases and you can build your KNOW, LIKE and TRUST strategies with new people every week.

Oh, and you get a great breakfast!

If you applied all of that, don’t you think you would have a regular list of referrals like myself? I am sure you would.

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