Scripts For Prospecting

Scripts for prospecting. Do y0u use them?

There are a number of coaches now offering scripts for messenger or phone prospecting. I kind of stay away from strict scripts as I prefer to come across naturally and not like some autobot, but the guidance is very useful in my mind.

Certainly from a messenger point of view, my coaching in the DreamBuilder guide is to build relationships before you pitch anything. I just block or unfriend people who pitch me straight away.

The trick is to build rapport. Try to build a conversation about THEIR interests not your own. Show some empathy and real interest in their life – hobbies, where they live etc.

Don’t make a friend request without a message saying something like, “Hi. My name is Pete. I notice you are an affiliate/Network marketer like me. I wonder if we could connect on here to see if our mutual interests could help one another.”

Then, if they accept your request you can engage in conversation, always trying to refer to their profile info so they see you are interested in them not just in pitching them.

Scripts For Business

There are tons of books and guides on this out there for you to discover. But I suggest you build something that suits your personality and you don’t just become a robot or unnatural for you.

Here are a couple of introductory scripts that may be useful for you to get started.


“Hi Firstname , I am currently working on a project that has produced great results for me. I think it would suit you. Would you be open to take a look?”

If yes….

“OK. Thankyou. If I shared a 10 minute video with you when do you think you will have time to view it?”

Agree a time and arrange a follow up.

Don’t forget to follow up because that is the key to our business – the follow up is where the sales are made.


“Hi Firstname. (develop a friendly conversation about them. ask good questions.) The reason I especially called you is that to let you know that I have developed a home working business that is proving to help me create a great secondary income. The product is world class and the income can prove to be substantial. Would  extra income help you in your life right now?”



Great. Would you find the time to watch a 10 minute video? etc”


“No worries. Keep me in mind if your circumstances change. I would still be able to help you in the future.”

Let the conversation flow naturally. Don’t be offended. You are the one who approached them. They are entitled not to be interested.

Remember, the more NO’s you get, the more YES’s will come in the future. Practice makes perfect. By the time you are on your way to making a significant ranking goal you will be able to teach this stuff to your team.


You can get all wrapped up in dealing with objections. There are often opportunities to turn things around. Price v Quality, MLM Pyramid, but if you have used your prospect qualification right then you should be talking to a door that is slightly ajar. I wouldn’t hurt your mind with too much stress about dealing with objections too radically. You don’t want to appear desperate and if you have chosen your business opportunity correctly there are many other fishes in the sea.

Always though ask the question, WHY? What don’t you like about what I have shared?

I was coached once with this script:

“I felt like that in the beginning, however what I found was ………….. and since then I have really benefitted from joining in the programme.”

You could use examples of the product working, the business being easier than you thought, your sponsor really helping you overcoming your nerves and doubts, examples of financial success and sales, quality vs cost.

Why not invite them to speak to your sponsor with you. Often hearing from a third party helps. There are many tales of prophets not being heard in their own villages but when they step away into the world their past does not prevent people from listening to them.

If you are looking for 7 figure earner guidance on prospect online then there is no better than MY LEAD SYSTEM PRO. Why not check it out for a few weeks and I am sure you will be an expert, certainly using social media, in no time.

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