Beware! Your Social Media Profile and Content Follows You Forever!

Beware! Your Social Media Profile and Content Follows You Forever!

Social media has changed our lives forever. Our public profile, images and post will linger long after our passing.

I remember my days in the RAF as a young man, from 15 to 27 years old. If the images of my misdemeanours had been shared on social media, I would have struggled for employment long after, I think.

Nowadays employers investigate our output on social media. In our network marketing business, our prospects check us out right from the beginning. Engagement includes someone checking out your profile and historical posts.

Your political opinions, drunken party animal images, past business history, peoples comments about you are all laid bare for others to view and form opinions.

So, my friend, are you careful with your social media profile and posts. Are you continually building a positive brand and image.

History Coming Back to Bite You

A story in the UK news this week of a young football player with his career in front of him being hounded by an ill advised Tweet he made when he was just 15 years old!! Opinions long since passed but now brand him in a negative light it seems forever!

I have gone from one political view to massively change for another over the course of my lifetime. Had I sought a career in politics, my thoughts as a young man would have been used against me in my senior years.

Equally, if you are deemed a shiny new object network marketer, your brand is devalued when you begin to promote something you are really sure and passionate about.

I see lots of that on Facebook for sure. Networkers posting their brand new thing with a link and the only likes beneath the post are their own!! Very sad.

Building Your Brand and Positive Image

My Dream Builder Guide is all about helping you create a positive brand and image on social media, specifically facebook. It is FREE. Once you have downloaded it you get FREE Video content, a social media cheat sheet, 5 day video course and FREE membership of our facebook support group.


Whatever training or social media strategy you pursue, remember that what has been done cannot often be undone on social media. The internet has strange and mysterious ways of memorising the unpleasant or the embarrassing.

Always be aware that your output is your window into the world. You are trying to build positive relationships online that will serve you.

LIKE, KNOW, TRUST – Should be your mantra. Your output on social media builds your team, your tribe and can often put people off joining you.


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