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Blogging for leads is a strategy that I was introduced to many years ago and I have been an active blogger since.

I enjoy the opportunity to share my experiences with other marketers and it has enabled me to build a significant business over that time. I used to build blogs for members of my team, linking them to an autoresponder and other tools but now, I just manage my own blog and employ people to do the techie stuff when I need them.

You can link your blog to your social media to automate your posts and it really gets your message out there and it is ORGANIC. Once you have your WordPress site set up and you are posting your stuff, sharing it with your list and social media you are up and running.

Quickly seen  as a professional marketer , or expert in whatever niche you choose to theme your blog around. As per my recommendations in I link my wordpres sites to my Aweber autoresponder, giving a FREE gift to subscribers and then I can connect to my newsletter and share blog posts immediately after I write them. This gives me a spike in views as well as gaining new subscribers.

Currently I am using or you will find people at to help you.

I am currently hosting this site with WPX.NET and in my opinion they just have the best support on offer out there. I would highly recommend WPX to get you started as they are fast and the support is awesome – instant!

Historically I had all sorts of problems with my original hosting service so I switched to WPX and I am very happy with them.

To give you an idea of what kind of  Theme and design you want I would definitely recommend searching the people you admire in your niche and then choose the theme and design they use or ask your developer to do that for you. As I said…. WPX could host your blog for you at a low monthly cost as well as choosing a domain and email account with them.


I think 90% of my personal sales and email newsletter subscribers have come from my wordpress websites and social media.

The more experienced I have got with these strategies , I simply do not have to purchase traffic at all. Much to the disappointment of the many solo ad providers who seem to target me daily on Facebook Messenger! LOL

I blogging to me is just a natural way of doing things nowadays. I just blog with a purpose of leaving information with my readership which hopefully will help them grow their home businesses to a level that gives them the same financial security as I have.

I am constantly learning and as I learn I share the learning with others. I think that is the way great teachers are created. Learn and then teach it.

In our industry, the network marketing industry, anything that puts your head above the parapet promotes you as a leader, a teacher, a coach.

So I definitely recommend you to go to upwork or fivver and appoint someone to get you a wordpress site set up, because at the end of it , you will be seen as at a much higher level than even your sponsors who do not use this strategy.

I would your own name if you can,  or a general niche and not centre it around a particular product or business opportunity. You want to make sure this can be a long term project. Your content can be specific but not the name and general description of the site. You can even get in trouble with your primary network marketing company if you do and anyway, you need to be prepared to make changes to your business focus over the long term.

Future Postings On WordPress Strategies

I intend to post more on WordPress strategies over the coming weeks and months. Sharing information on SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – Plug Ins for Social Media, Affiliate links etc.

Eventually providing a PDF Report for my Newsletter Subscribers so that we are able to build a tribe of  Network Marketing bloggers within our community.



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