5 Ways You Could Invite People To Your Opportunity Meeting

Here are 5 Ways You Can Invite Prospects To Your Opportunity Meeting.

How are you at inviting people to your opportunity meeting? I know it can be a little hard to pluck up courage to get people to a presentation by an upline but it WILL pay off if you knuckle down and take a courage pill or two.

So can you invite people and what do you say? There are a lots of ways you can build up excitement and momentum building up to an event. For example, I hold business opportunity events in different cities around the U.K. on a monthly basis. So I ask my team to build up excitement for them and do all they can to generate interest because I know that once people see what I have to offer, they get a little more certainty about our product and the business opportunity.

I learned a long time ago that events create momentum. That if you promote events you get rewarded. If you attend events  you receive learning and ideas and you get to master presentation techniques as you mirror and improve on what others do.

Inviting By Phone

Prepare A List – Preferably 3 figures

Did you listen to the Jim Rohn audio on How To Succeed In Your Network Marketing Business I shared previously? If not, try to do it now.

You will learn it is all about ratios. You need to get good at inviting but in the beginning it is going to take a big effort to get a few turning up as you build up your skills and confidence. So if you make up a list of 50 to 100 people and call 5 to 10 a day 2 weeks before the event and invite them you are going to find your success ratio. If you get 5 to 10 people agreeing to attend, that is outstanding! Because any one of them could be the person that takes your business to the next level.

Then call those that agree to attend the day before the event to confirm, saying how much you are looking forward to seeing them and suggesting a lunch or drink after the event.

What do you say?

Well obviously it depends upon your business, but as a general network marketing invite you could use:

“Do you have a minute for me to share something with you?”

Then; “Are you open to making extra money on a side project that wouldnʼt take away from what they were currently doing?”

“Are you open to making more money to do more fun things in their life?”

“So you know anyone that made more than $10,000.00 per month (Dependening upon sponsor) from the comfort of their home.” If they say No, ask them if they would like to meet one.

Do you notice that I am emphasising getting PERMISSION to speak to them about this – asking if they are open or have the time.

You can obviously share your own experiences or those of your sponsor or upline. For example, I have upline who are genuine network marketing millionaires, so if I want to impress a big member of the industry I can default to that. Some of my team use me as an example.

Product based questions? Well that is obviously a little difficult for me because I don’t know what product you are promoting but there are things like:

“Would you be interested in seeing how this amazing …product… is helping 1000’s of people into better health and how by doing that you can generate a full time income from home?”

To be honest, if you have done your M.I.N.T. prospect qualifying you will know the general direction you will want the conversation to go.

Do you think you can try that? I bet if you did that just once you will be really excited by the result. 2 Weeks work and your business will have taken off! You will have created the momentum and all those sign ups will know exactly what you did and you can repeat that through them.

Facebook Events

If you don’t have a facebook personal profile and business page you are really missing out. If not, do that today. From your personal profile go to Home, the Create A Page. Do it today. I would create a Public Figure page and market yourself as a Marketing Coach or some such and get posting good lifestyle stuff on there.

Anyway, from your personal profile you can create a private event easily enough and from your page you can create a public event. Whether opportunity or product based you can instantly invite all of your friends to attend your event – whether that is hosted by a sponsor or yourself. Creating interest through the Speaker’s achievements or reputation, the nature of the product, the opportunity to make a decent secondary income, all of this can be made to look pretty good in a Facebook Event.

Then you just share it with your friends and ask them to invite their friends to help you get your business off the ground. Try to send a message with your invites so they see that their invite is personal and, again, message the ones who have accepted the day before and tell them how excited you are going to be to see them and their guests.

Eventbrite Events

You can create a FREE account with Eventbrite from this link https://www.eventbrite.com/

From there it is a similar process as Facebook Events to create an event page and then email out to your prospects and email list. You can link those events to a Facebook Page too and even include EventBrite tickets to your Facebook Ticket registration.

I use Eventbrite for paid events too. They handle all the money for a small percentage. I just hate admin, so that works for me. I outsource as much as I can to be honest.

Networking and Community Meetings

It is always good to belong to groups where you can build up Like, Know, Trust . 

Local and Regional business networking groups can be very useful. I have team members who have built big teams from breakfast networking meetings. Each of those attract business owners who are always looking for new ways in which to add to their portfolio and  you just might have something of interest to them. There are a few of these you could hook up to – https://www.bni.com/ is a global one I know about. In the UK we have members using https://www.4networking.biz/ and  http://www.bforb.co.uk/

All if them have FREE introductory offers so you can get involved for FREE in the beginning and see if that works for you.

So you could invite people you meet at these to your event, similarly to your telephone strategy. Again, you only need one or two influential business people to join any network marketing opportunity to give it credibility and momentum.

Messaging Contacts

It is always better to speak on the phone or face to face but nowadays people like various messaging services. So you can use messaging services to ask for permission to share something.

“Hi ………, do you have a few minutes to listen to something I think you would be interested in? “ You can use whatever you wish, product or business or both. But ALWAYS ask for permission. When they can agree to give you a few minutes, you can share your invite to the meeting.


I hope that helps. You can use anyone or all of those strategies. The important thing is not to be addicted to the outcome.

Don’t expect anything and you won’t be disappointed. Remember, the more NO’s you get the more YES’s you will get. Once you have found your inviting success ratio, 10 invites to 1 attendance, 10 invites to 2 attendances, 10 invites to 3 attendances, you will be rocking and rolling and looking forward to the NO’s becaue you know that every 10 people you phone you are going to get at least 1,2 or 3. to your opportunity meetings.

It is just a numbers game after all. Some Will, Some Won’t. Next.

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