Planning To Win

Planning To Win

Do you have a plan? For Network and Affiliate Marketers we need to be realistic. It isn’t just about joining something. It is about putting in the work. Smart work.

To work smartly we need to have:


Whether online or offline in our marketing activity , we need to have systems. Whether that is an old fashioned planner, diary and phone list or an internet emailing autoresponder etc. We need to be organised.

My business is all about using social media, blogging and emailing strategie. So I need the right tools to do that. I have developed these over years of experience and I am still learning and updating. But you really need your systems to be workable for you


Being successful is much more than just having systems. You know that, right? I am sure you do. So many people start with a dream of being successful, are offered decent systems to work their new business, but fail to follow through.

Lots of theories on this. The shiny new biz opp, lack of belief or fortitude, whatever it is, the reality is that if we don’t go into a business with a really good attitude and a steely determination the slightest obstacle can put us off.

My friend Tim has had all sorts of troubles getting his business going. He has suffered with a debilitating brain injury but was determined not to let it hinder his business progress. This week he made his first sale in a long while and he has a right to be proud of himself. That one sale can lead to a passive income for many years. The rewards of not giving up.

So, if you are to be a winner in this affiliate or network marketing world, you are going to have to develop a thick skin and a never give up attitude.


You Have The Systems and the Right Attitude – What Next?

Well my advice is:

  1. Set a realistic, minimum income goal for the end of your first 90 days (or 90 days from now)
  2. Know your commission structure – at least to a level where you understand how you can achieve that realistic minimum monthly income goal
  3. Work out the daily activities you need to do to achieve the results you want

For example, once you know what you are wanting to achieve and you have developed or adopted your systems, then you should be able to figure out what actions you need to take and what outcomes you are likely to achieve.

I loved the teachings of Jim Rohn on ratios. He taught that to speak to 10 and get 1 sale or one attendance at a public meeting is a good effort. So if you want 10 you need to speak to 100.

What is your ratio?

If you need to send out 1000 emails to get 1 sale then you need an email list of 10000 to get 10 sales. So your plan should be to email a list of 1000 people every day to get 1 sale and if you want more sales then you need to build up your email list, right?

Yes….. remember. You have to speak to strangers to make new friends.

If you are an internet marketer. How do you build up an email contact list?

How I build my list

1. Blogging

Yes. This blog and website has capture systems that build my email list. You can do this for free with a free wordpress site or a premium one like this. It can be a generic site or a product specific blog. You just need to share good stuff and link your blog to social media and have a capture system within your site so people join your mailing system.

2. Facebook Page

Yes. You can create a FREE Facebook business page and link that to your blog or email marketing system. Again. Just post interesting stuff on Facebook and then people may see what you share of interest and join your email marketing system from a capture page link.

3.  Solo Ads

These are purchased email ads to lists owned by sellers . There are tons of them out there and at the moment I am experimenting with different providers. Nowadays most of them offer the text for the ads for you and you can target the niche and country you want the traffic from.

I have used solo ads this last month to add hundreds of new potential business partners.

(I would be happy to share sources if you get in touch  – I am not a solo ad affiliate)

I have my ratios so now I can plan my daily activity to achieve the results I want to achieve.

For me , that is:

1. An email or two every day to different lists that focus on the products or affiliate systems that I am engaged with. The more people I email then the more sales I get. If my email copy skills improve then my ratio improves.

2. Staying up to date with my Facebook and Whatsapp groups .and encouraging engagement

3. Social media posting and contribution

4. Conference calls with affiliates giving information and encouragement (something I did just a few minutes ago with a group in India)

5. Presenting showcase events in locations in the UK on a monthly basis for an offline product and promoting them via social media etc

6. Supporting people in my groups and helping people maintain membership is crucial for me – so I am often reactive to questions and help solve problems. Retention fo rme is a biggie.

Not sure what your activity will be for your particular niche buy my advice is – stay in the game every single day. Do something, no matter how small to stay in touch with your goals.

Goal Example


Say your medium realistic monthly goal is to earn $1000 a month and you are promoting a programme that pays you $50 a month for each affiliate that joins you and purchases a $100 a month membership programme.

By the end of 90 days – your first 3 months you need to have 20 members paying their $100.

So if you emailed 100 people a day and you get 1 sale that is 20 days of emails to 100 people to achieve your goal.  If it is 1000 a day to get 1 sale then it is the same period but just more people in your list.

So you cannot expect 1 sale per 100 or 1 sale per 1000 in this example if you are not adding to your list at the same time. So your activities should be list building AND email activity.

So whilst you can start with a small list you need to be active in building it daily to reduce the time it takes for you to get to 20 sales.

You can break your activity down to social media posting, blogging, video marketing, fb lives, fb messaging etc. But always you need to be daily active and working to your past first and then your current ratios to achieve your goals.

After 90 days, it is just a question of repeating what has worked for you and you have a system that works for the long term.

I hope this has helped you begin to develop a plan to achieve your financial goals with affiliate or network marketing. I would be happy to receive your comments below or you can connect with me directly from the contact details on this website or on FACEBOOK HERE

Speak soon


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