Affiliate Marketing – Commissions From Other Peoples Products

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning income every time you promote someone elses products or services. If you generate a sale for the company, you get paid. If you don’t generate a sale, you do not get paid.

It is an industry that has built up over the last few years as internet marketers began to take advantage of the commission opportunities that have manifested in the new age of social media and the internet.

Affiliate income is dependent upon the efforts of the affiliate. Basically, nothing is ever sold without effort, just like every other form of sales. What you earn also depends upon the products you promote – are they popular what percentage of commisson to they offer.

An affiliate with a modicum amount of skill, can make anywhere from $10,000 a year to $400,000 per annum and super affiliates can make much, much more.

I think it is a question of what motivates you as to what you may promote. This blog shares information on a  high ticket affiliate product , Enagic Kangen Water Ionisers, which has been my primary income for 8 years. I also promote HEAL , a new affiliate programme for those who want to maximise output on social media or personal wellness. I chose these particular programmes for their quality, the service offered but also because they offer commissions from the sales of others too.

I also receive commissions on things like an Email Autoresponder service I use, AWEBER and the Lead Page system I use.  But these are just small benefits from the help I give my affiliate partners.

You can go totally differently and use any of Clickbank, Shareasale, JVzoo, Hotmart, Clickbooth, Ads 4 Dough, Commission Junction, Amazon Affiliate Program, and eBay Partners Program to build an affiliate income.

My choices fit my passion. I am passionate about helping others to succeed with a remote business, so Enagic and HEAL give me the foundation to do that but the world is YOUR oyster. Why not look at this kind of income generating strategy for yourself.

If you would like to look into partnering with me in ENAGIC or HEAL, you would be most welcome but there is such a lot of opportunity out there, it seems silly not to take advantage.

Speak soon

Pete Chapman

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