Overwhelm – The Internet Marketing Disease

Overwhelm – that can be a huge problem for people trying to break through the complex world of the internet when trying to find ways to earn a living from a laptop and mobile phone.

So much information being blasted into our inboxes, facebook and instagram ads etc and when we have’t quite completed one course another pops up to persuade us that what we were doing isn’t all that it is cracked up to be and we should choose something else!

Too many Gurus. Too many programmes. Too many potential sponsors trying to tease us into their way – like some Zen Master who has the keys to THE WAY. Internet marketing versions of THE MASTER…….

Well, I am openly admitting to you right here and now, that I have fallen into the trap and have even attempted to drag others with me.

Have you every fallen into that trap?

I was approached by lots of potential “mentors” who told me that this programme would make me rich. This programme would enable me to maximise my business using internet strategies etc. I tried all sorts of programmes but just got overwhelmed with emails, sometimes two or three a day from the same source. I was upsold on $1000’s of additional products (courses and strategies) when I hadn’t even completed the first. Or I soon found out that the $30 to $100 a month programme wasn’t the level to make the BIG MONEY, so I had to upgrade to the super duper level.

And then…… it just became a fog and I was neither in, nor out and became totally inactive. ….

UNTIL…. another “mentor” came along and persuaded me that their programme was THE ONE!

OK… well I earn a decent income from my primary network marketing business so it wasn’t all bad. I just was a bit confused and not functioning online as well as I could.

Sometimes though you have to step back and evaluate. Dust yourself off. See what works for you… what is congruent with your personality and particularly your values.

It took me a while to find the right Network Marketing opportunity for me and despite constant temptation by so called Guru’s and potential sponsors, I have stuck with it, because it works for me and I am very happy that the product meets the highest of standards.

So how to market my business. That is where the fog comes down on me. Does it you?

Especially if you want to work online….. so much out there. I am not decrying any… but some are giving away for pennies the same training and strategies that others are charging €1000’s. It’s like the wild west out there!

Then there is all the Alt Coin , BitCoin stuff. Oh my dear! Making sense of it all is the stuff of nightmares right? Well it has been for me, I can tell you.

So I have been searching and searching for a programme that fits my needs and something that is affordable and manageable with done for you products at the end that are of the right quality, training that is effective and not difficult to follow and an end to the endless stream of emails that have been popping into my inbox over the last few years!

This post is not to sell you on that or indeed anything. It is just a post to say…. I am human too and I have fallen into the endless trap of internet marketing overwhelm and now I am just happy with what I have found because I stepped back… took a break… and now I have found something that both works AND gives me the peace of mind I have sought for a long time.

So, my friends, what is causing you overwhelm. How have you coped with it?

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