Setting Goals – Taking Action Steps To YOUR Success

Taking Action Steps To YOUR Success

Setting Goals and ending the year strong and beginning a new year stronger is the theme for todays blog post.

I have a vision board – more of a goal board – facing me right now. It has my goals for the next 2 years on it and everything I do over the coming weeks and months is geared to achieving every single one of my goals. Each one is achievable if I commit to the actions I have promised myself.

In the network marketing business model, my goals cannot be achieved if I do not help my team to grow either individually or as a group. My goals will not be achieved if I do not accept that individuals are indeed that – individuals. They will do things their own way until they discover what works and doesn’t work for them. So to achieve my immediate goal in my next network marketing rank, I need to inspire, help and provide events and training to two specific teams. That goes very deep into my organisation. Not directly sponsored team members, but people 8 or 9 levels below me. That is the beauty of this business model. Sometimes it is the people you have never met that build your network marketing business. You just never know who will pop up in your organisation so you need to nuture everyone.

But goals are just dreams if you do not take daily action toward them.

Aim high but don’t let it die!

Don’t let your goals flutter away like a leaf on a strong breeze. Things go wrong. Hold you up. Momentum may stop for a while, but it depends upon YOU whether your dreams stop being built because your daily actions do not match your ambition.

We all know the Smart Goal acronym is often remembered:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Goal setting toward unrealistic and unachievable dreams can be soul destroying and can lead to unhappiness and disenchantment. So I urge you to be realistic and take note that Rome was not built in a day. So the timely thing for me is what is achievable for you in 2018? What are the realistic actions you WILL take to achieve your goal?

If you aim to be a millionaire in the year without a strong sense of reality then at the end of the year you are going to be extremely disappointed and you may never pick yourself up again. Better to aim for something that is achievable and pat yourself on the back if you have overperformed rather than beat yourself up if the reverse has happened.

For a network marketer to achieve say, a high 6 figure income, you are not going to do that in year one if you don’t already have a big following to join you. Be realistic. If you achieve a high 6 figure income in year one by taking huge massive action, then good on you. I believe that is possible if you go ALL OUT MASSIVE ACTION, but most of us don’t do that. So having a goal to stick with it despite disappointment is massively  beneficial if when you realise that the Network Marketing Business Model is all about building a long term redundancy programme. A programme that pays you after you have stopped working is just a huge concept that many people fail to register.

My 2 year goal is to help at least 2 people to achieve that goal – where they get paid after they stop working!

They won’t stop working of course, even if that is part time. It’s kind of addictive this industry.

So my formula is – set a goal after you agree with yourself and your family, what your daily actions will be to achieve them. What actions can you take to achieve your goal.

1. Coffee shop/home  presentations of your business and product.

How many of those are you willing to do each week, month?

2. Prospecting

How many calls, messages, are you willing to make in a day, a week?

3. Facebook Lives

This is fast becoming an industry must. How many of these are you going to do each week to demonstrate yourself as a leader and someone people can begin to LIKE, KNOW, TRUST

4. Events

Are you going to commit to team events or create your own?

5. Facebook and Whatsapp groups

Are you going to join the conversation in team groups and provide value? Are you creating your own and adding content that can help people to grow and learn about your business and product?

6. Team Building

Are you going to be a positive energy for members of your team? Will you provide value and encouragement on a daily, weekly basis?

There are lots of activities you can do to begin to achieve your network marketing business goals, but you WILL NOT achieve them if you are not committing to daily actions, no matter how small, to build your business over the long term.

Committing To Daily Action Steps Is The Greatest Goal You Could Set

In my opinion this is the most important, single thing you can do to achieve your network marketing business goal in 2018. Just do something every day toward your business goal.

It doesn’t matter how small it is but you need to do something each day. It could be a couple of calls, messages, blog post, positive message in a facebook or whatsapp group. JUST DO SOMETHING!

The Universe rewards ACTION TAKERS!

If you are reading this post, you are an action taker. You are increasing your chances of success because you are curious, you are ambitious, you are seeking learning, inspiration. Whether I have increased your knowledge, inspired you or not, you have taken a step forward.

Even more important is that you have read this post and believe you can do better and begin to blog post your own wisdom and inspiring stories. That would please me no end.

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