Kangen Water – The Benefits Of This Amazing Water

Kangen Water – the benefits of this amazing water.

First of all, I rarely mention my primary business or product on this blog. I try to keep it general to benefit those of my readers who are in the network marketing or affiliate marketing industry in general, but clearly, my primary business is Enagic. I have been with the company for nearly 10 years and it provides me with my full time income. Anything else I do is just to serve my general audience with tools and systems that work for me and many others.

So, What Is Kangen Water?

Kangen Water benefits

Kangen Water® is Antioxidant-Rich, Healthy Water for Revitalized Cells and a Healthy Alternative to regular Tap and Bottled Water

Kangen Water®… (aka electrolyzed reduced water (ERW), or hydrogen water) begins as tap water. The Enagic® machine filters out chlorine and other impurities from the tap water, then separates the hydrogen and oxygen with a process known as electrolysis. This process adds an electron to the hydrogen creating a new molecule called diatomic molecular hydrogen gas. When this is added to your drinking water, it produces antioxidant-rich Kangen Water®

Oxidant, by definition, is an oxidizing agent, while antioxidant is any substance that acts to slow or prevent the oxidation of another chemical.

In the human body, oxidative damage has been implicated in many of our modern day diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Antioxidants, on the other hand, act to tame the free radicals (or highly reactive chemicals) in the body that have potential to harm cells and cause disease.1

In a scientific study by the National Institute of Health, it was discovered:

“The consumption of hydrogen rich water for 8 weeks resulted in a 39% increase (p<0.05) in antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) and a 43% decrease (p< 0.05) in thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS) in urine. Further, subjects demonstrated an 8% increase in high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and a 13% decrease in total cholesterol/HDL cholesterol from baseline to 4 weeks.” 2

What does this mean?

According to this study, those who drank hydrogen-rich water showed a substantial increase in their antioxidant enzymes and a massive decrease in acid in the urine. Further, participants showed a significant increase in HDL the “good cholesterol,” and a significant decrease in the “bad cholesterol.”

‘Electrolyzed Reduced Water’ (aka Kangen Water® or hydrogen water) has been used in hospitals in Japan for decades. And, now you can make the same alkaline, antioxidant, mineral-rich, pure, safe, and healthy drinking water right in your own home.



Here is a quick video to explain:


So How Has It Helped Me?

Well, I have to be honest here. I began with the money. I was desperately in debt through unexpected redundancy and my property investments crashing in 2008/10 and my sponsor who spoke to me about this was a trusted friend who was also a very, very good and successful network marketer, who convince me that this was the vehicle for our success!

So I piled in with a high interest credit card, determined that this was going to be the one!

But I wasn’t a well man at the time. Stress, depression, and really painful stomach cramps and other bowel issues were overwhelming me and I was diagnosed with Diverticular disease.

So after I got my Enagic SD501 Ioniser unit, I began to drink the water and within 3 weeks it was noticeable that I was not in pain any longer, stopped taking the prescription pain killers and the bowel disease became under control very quickly.

Amazing! I had a story I could share with people.

So my health improved quite dramatically. Genuinely. A real success story.

Financial Security

Yes. My debts were reduced to a manageable size very quickly as the business took off with already established network marketers who had followed me in other ventures gradually saw the benefits and then……..

the water just works!!! It really does. You simply share it within your community, online or offline.

It is THE most organic product I have ever encountered. Even the most inexperienced marketers make sales. They just find their passion for the water and share it with friends and family to drink. Gradually people feel the benefits and then realise that the drinking water is just the tip of the benefits of the units.

You can read and see videos of the various different waters these machines product – for drinking, cooking, cleaning, disinfecting etc.



What Now?

So I get paid for sharing this amazing , medical standard technology.

Just 10 direct or indirect sales a month, leaves most of us with a full time income.

It takes a little while for that to build, but when it does, it is lifechanging.

For me earnings equal or greater than my highly stressed, senior management position I left behind in 2010. As sad and stressful that was at the time, it has changed my life for the positive.

I have cleared all my property debt and now live debt free. We have build a house on purchased land in Thailand – our holiday home in paradise.

I drive a Lexus which I have always dreamed of doing.

I have travelled the world on business and for vacations. America, Thailand, Singapore, Israel, Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy.

My business has expanded across the world into more than 30 countries and I have friends for life with my Enagic team.

Truly blessed.

It is a humble life for me. Not extravagent. Just me and my lovely wife enjoying the fruits of a part time business from our kitchen and laptop.

If you would like to know more about how to get involved, you are very welcome to get in touch and I would happily share.


Whatsapp : +44 7823 772234

Email: peter@kangenwell.com

Messenger: www.facebook.com/chapatoni




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